Let's Get Organized!

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with personal clutter? Would you like to organize your personal and professional life to reduce stress and be more productive?

Then you might call Spiffy Chicks.

Founded by Amy Berryhill, Spiffy Chicks is a small business located in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides clients with a variety of personal organizational services that help them maximize their use of space and time. Services include decluttering and organizing a home or small business, unpacking after a move, or setting up systems to help them achieve greater productivity and reduce stress.

Naturally, an organization dedicated to helping clients organize their own lives must itself be organized.

Which is where ScanSnap scanners come in.

Capture Memories

One of the ways Berryhill organizes her own life, and helps her clients do the same, is by using a ScanSnap scanner to convert documents and photos to digital files in a variety of formats, such as pdf or jpeg.

For instance, a typical client might be a busy family with paperwork and keepsakes piling up around the house.

Berryhill and her team can help sort, organize and capture all those precious paper treasures (photos, birthday cards, letters, graduation programs, children’s art), scan and convert them to digital files, and store them either on a personal computer or in the cloud. Thus, without having to go digging through boxes the client can just log on to their repository, type in a few keywords and instantly find what they’re looking for.

Recently, Berryhill upgraded to the new ScanSnap iX1600. Knowing ScanSnap’s reputation for customer service, she was tempted to contact them to walk her through setting up the scanner, but found that it was so easy to configure she didn’t need their assistance. Now, she’s enjoying the iX1600’s features, including:

  • Quick and easy wireless connectivity to her computer or cloud storage service of choice, eliminating the need for a hard-wired USB cable. Combined with the scanner’s small size, she can use it wherever it’s convenient.
  • ScanSnap Cloud – Included with the iX1600 at no additional charge, enables PC less scanning directly to the cloud. It features advanced image processing including searchable PDF file creation. The user can choose to send their files to a host of cloud storage and productivity services including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, and Quickbooks.
  • The ability to scan long, skinny receipts. Even receipts longer than 14” (CVS, are you listening?) can be scanned by simply pressing the Scan button for 3 seconds. Amy uses this feature weekly as she scans her clients’ Container Store receipts for invoicing.  
  • The ability to protect sensitive, personal files by scanning them to pdf and securing and enabling an encrypted password. That way, even if it gets into the wrong hands, nobody can access it without the password.

So if you want to reduce clutter, improve productivity, reduce stress or simply get better organized, a professional organizing company such as Spiffy Chicks and a ScanSnap iX1600 can assist you on that worthwhile journey.

Spiffy Chicks Team 

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