The Easy, One-Touch Scanning Solution

With ScanSnap, you can digitize your world with the push of a button.

ScanSnap® iX1600 ScanSnap® iX1600
ScanSnap® iX1400 ScanSnap® iX1400
ScanSnap® iX1300 ScanSnap® iX1300
ScanSnap® iX100 ScanSnap® iX100

Digitize your world with ScanSnap

It’s never been easier to digitize what matters most with our ScanSnap scanners. From important photographs to sensitive tax documents, ScanSnap helps you connect your physical and digital worlds with the touch of a button.

Get to know the ScanSnap Squad

Meet this passionate group of scanning enthusiasts and learn about their best practices for digitizing workflows using ScanSnap.

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Featured ScanSnap Scanners

Ready to be more productive and organized? Check out our featured ScanSnap products to find the scanner that's perfect for your needs!


Scan quickly, straight to the cloud

Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, the iX1600 gives you the option to scan directly to your favorite cloud storage.


Digitize documents with just one-touch

The iX1400 features one-touch scanning, making digitization a breeze.


A small, mean, decluttering machine

With an innovative front feeder and a U-turn ADF, the iX1300 is the ultimate small scanner for tight spaces.

ScanSnap iX1300

User friendly software for all your scanning needs

ScanSnap comes with best-in-class scanning software, making digitizing everything from tax documents to precious photographs easy.

ScanSnap Home

Take the work out of scanning. ScanSnap Home includes everything you need to scan, classify, and organize standard documents, receipts, business cards or photos.

ScanSnap Manager

ScanSnap Manager can save scanned data to any folder on your PC with One Push.

ScanSnap Cloud

ScanSnap Cloud® provides a quick and seamless way to send data directly to popular cloud services, opening up your ability to share and collaborate.

ScanSnap Connect

Drive your wireless ScanSnap scanner from your iOS, iPadOS, Android, or Chrome OS mobile device.

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