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Why trading card shops and online sellers turn to Ricoh scanning technology

Cataloging with Scanners.

Trading card buying and trading are as popular as ever, but we understand the challenges that shop owners face when trying to catalog inventory, whether it be for recordkeeping or online sales.

Trusting a scanner with precious cards is difficult, but the payoff in time savings and additional sales can be so worth it. Our team is eager to share their years of experience implementing scanning technology in sports card shops.

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Customer Story: Burbank Sportscards

Owner Rob Veres understands the importance of flawless images and trusts Ricoh to protect his shop’s valuable assets.

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“Whether you are digitizing your personal collection or selling cards professionally, it all comes down to scanning. The image quality can’t be beat and the ROI from the time you save is a no brainer. I recommend fi Series scanners to anyone in the hobby.”

- Frederick Barnes, President & Co-Founder Card Dealer Pro

"The biggest pain point selling online is images, period. For years, scanning cards was a nightmare, it would have taken hours, if not all day, to scan.” And now, "it takes minutes and the quality is better than industry standard.”

- Rob Veres, Owner Burbank Sportscards

"As a small operation looking to rapidly scale up into a go-to online sports card retailer, I was looking for an imaging solution that was efficient, reliable, affordable, and, above-all, provided superior image quality. In the ScanSnap SV600, I found a solution that met all of those needs and has far exceeded my expectations, allowing us to grow at an even quicker rate than I had hoped. They are changing the game in this space!"

- Brad Swanson, Owner Bleacher Bum Cards, LLC

"fi Series scanners supports our vision to help BSC sellers save time without compromising quality! Their superior image capture technology allows sellers to scan and list anything from a small handful of vintage sports cards to a large volume of cards, quickly."

- Conner Walden, CEO BuySportCards.com

“When I started my own business selling sports cards scalability was the most critical piece to my growth. It took 30 minutes into my first day to realize the “old way” was not going to allow me to scale fast enough. Before the end of that first hour on day one I had placed an order for a fi Series scanner and to this day represents the single most important tool in my arsenal for success.”

- Beau Thompson, Owner One Million Cubs, LLC

"These scanners are amazing! I purchased both the ScanSnap SV600 and fi-8170 to upgrade trading card images in my eBay store as we as, to digitize my entire collection. I'm able to scale my business, with the speed of these scanners and the high resolution detailed imaging gives my store a professional look!"

- Jeff Juco, Owner JMJ Authentic Autographs Store

"Our expertise in E-Commerce Marketing and partnership with Shopify, coupled with the historical success of Kronzio and fi Series scanners, will provide the collaboration necessary to facilitate our Up and Running program for Hobby Shops nationally." 

- Katherine Wight, Senior Managing Partner/Founder pinkgator.com

"Imaging was always the most time-consuming part of listing cards online (eBay, Amazon, website, etc.) We've been using a fi Series Scanner for almost 10 years now and have scanned everything from a 10-cent common to a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle! We have scanned over 400,000 cards and the scanner is still like brand new. If it wasn't for these scanners we wouldn't be able to list nearly as much as we have in the last 10 years. We have a fi-7160 in use and a fi-8170.”

- Brian Marcy, Owner Scottsdalecards.com

“when I tried the "fi Series", the performance and usability were perfect, and as we talked more and more, we found that they could cooperate flexibly, so we chose the fi-8170 as the recommended scanner for "TAYS" and decided to use it as a set with the system for newly introduced customers.“

- Mr. Tatsuya Sugisaki, Group Manager of TAYS Group, Product Planning Department, Sales Division Teitu Co., Ltd.

"Kronozio's success wouldn't have been possible without fi Series scanners, which have been an integral part of our operations since before we started in 2013. After testing around 30 different scanners, we have found that the reliability and high-quality scans of fi Series scanners set them apart from the rest. Kronozio's now-popular Kronocard software for card collection was developed with fi Series scanners in mind, and the combination of Kronocard and the new fi-8170 scanner provides serious collectors with a powerful tool for listing their collections online."

- David Lafond, CEO Kronozio

"If you want to sell your cards fast and at the highest possible price, you better have amazing images of your actual cards. An fi Series scanner is one of the first investments we recommend to dealers looking to sell more singles!"

- Kathryn Harrison, Founder & CEO MAGPIE 

“Game Changer.  Period.”

- Seth Nagdeman, President Create Auction 


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I need help with my Ricoh scanner, how do I find support?

We offer free technical assistance by calling 1-800-626-4686. When you reach an agent, ask for someone who has been trained in trading card support. They can help you set up the scanner, configure your profiles and solve any technical issues you may have.

Is there a dedicated trading card scanner?

No, however our superior imaging and innovative feeder technology are the best fit for scanning cards safely at high velocity. No other scanners on the market will yield the quality that you will get from scanning with a Ricoh scanner. The contactless ScanSnap SV600 scanner or a Ricoh flatbed/feeder scanner (like the fi-8250), in particular, is optimized for protecting valuable cards against potential damage.

Can I scan a penny sleeve?

Penny sleeves are relatively inexpensive, with widely varying quality, which makes scanning them tricky. We have seen some success with scanning a brand-new, high-quality sleeve for the first time, however we generally do not recommend feeding penny sleeves through a feeder, because the rollers may crease the sleeve which will show up on the image. In these cases, we recommend a non-contact scanner, like the ScanSnap SV600 or a Ricoh flatbed/feeder scanner (like the fi-8250).



Can I scan using a top loader?

Yes, depending on the scanner and brand of top loader.  You can scan using a top loader using a scanner such as the fi-8170, but you may need to manually feed the cards to the feeder. Additionally, you may only be able to stack a few cards in the feeder.  A better option is a contactless scanner like the ScanSnap SV600 or a Ricoh flatbed/feeder scanner (like the fi-8250), which also eliminates any possibility of the card being damaged or producing an unsatisfactory image. 

Can I scan a card saver?

We don’t recommend it. Card savers, especially inexpensive penny sleeves, tend to stick together and may cause jams. You can feed cards protected by a card saver individually, but the ScanSnap SV600 or a Ricoh flatbed/feeder scanner (like the fi-8250), are better options.  

My scanner is jamming. Why?

Try turning off the double feed detection in the driver. You may also have too many cards stacked in the feeder.

Can your scanners handle slabbed cards from PSA or Beckett?

We do not recommend scanning slabbed cards using a sheet-fed scanner. The SV600 or a Ricoh flatbed/feeder scanner (like the fi-8250), are excellent solutions for scanning slabbed cards and you can scan multiple cards at a time.

I have other Ricoh scanners; will they scan cards?

It depends. Our popular ScanSnap line can scan cards but there isn’t a TWAIN/ISIS driver included to work with 3rd party software vendors. Contact us and let our experts help you find the optimal solution for your particular situation.

Why should I buy a Ricoh scanner?

We have been the leader in the document scanning market for almost 25 years, with over 13 million scanners in service. Quality card handling and ease of use are why we are the de facto leader in the scanning trading card market.

Where do I buy a scanner?

Our experts can help, please fill out the Speak to an Expert form above and we will will help you. If you’re passionate about the quality of your cards, we recommend you only buy new scanners. Used scanners (such as from eBay) may not come with a warranty, up-to-date software, or provide you the assurance they won’t cause quality issues with your images.

I have an SV600, how can I improve the results of my card scanning?

We recommend scanning using the included ScanSnap Home software. Using the “Photo Profile” will give you the best image. Additionally, scan in a room with limited light in order to reduce glare.

What types of trading cards can I scan?

Ricoh scanners support a wide variety of cards including sports cards, gaming, and Pokemon to name a few!

What can I do in with PaperStream Capture software to enhance my scanning experience?

1. Create a profile. This is especially helpful for scanning cardboard cards vs Chrome or Prism reflective-style cards and if you have multiple scanners.

2. Turn on Continuous Scan mode.

3. Turn off Edge Correction. 

I have a Mac computer. Can I scan cards?

Yes, we provide drivers for Mac users for some of our sheet fed scanners based on the current Mac operating systems. Our Flatbed scanners do not support Mac at this time. Although PaperStream software is not available for Mac users, you can use “Mac Preview” to scan, or look at our 3rd party software vendors.

I am seeing digital squares on my scanned card images. How can I fix this issue?

This occurrence means that "Hole Punch Removal" mode is on in the software driver.  Turning this off will solve the issue.   

Can Ricoh scanners scan glossy cards, like Prism or Chrome cards?

Yes. These types of cards can be scanned through a feeder.  However, due to the high levels of reflectivity from these cards, we recommend using a flatbed model, such as fi-8250, fi-8270 or SV600 scanner. To further improve scanning of Prism or Chrome cards using software enhancements, follow these steps:

 1. In PaperStream, click Advanced settings.

2. Click the Image section and select SRGB output. Selecting this option will enhance the reflective portion of the card.

For optimal image quality for Chrome and Prism cards, you can create a scanning profile in PaperStream IP based on settings shown in the image below.

Example images below of a Prism card scanned by a fi-8170 scanner:

 Prism Trading Card scanned by a fi-8170 at 600dpi.  Prism Trading Card scanned by a fi-8170 at 600dpi.

Example images below of a Chrome card scanned by a fi-8170 scanner: