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Refurbished Scanners

Meticulously renewed to our high standards

You can be confident with your Certified Refurbished scanner purchase.

We like keeping our great scanners at work, so we’re pleased to offer our Certified Refurbished program.

Every Certified Refurbished scanner is thoroughly cleaned and inspected by highly trained technicians at our renewal center in California. When needed, replacements and repairs are made using genuine, factory specified parts. Optics, motors, and mechanisms are examined and calibrated under a careful, multi-step process to ensure they work just like new. Only the scanners that make it through our rigorous process are Certified Refurbished.

We’ll include all the manuals and cords right for your model and deliver it to you in like-new condition.

We’ll take good care of you with our U.S. based Customer Support and Limited Warranty. For Certified Refurbished scanners, we offer a 90-day Limited Warranty for manufacturer defects, and you’ll get the same industry-leading customer support we offer with our new, unopened scanner units.

Note: Certified Refurbished models may feature either RICOH or Fujitsu branding but the products are otherwise identical.

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    How it works

    1. A returned scanner arrives at our California renewal center. A technician carefully inspects the scanner and performs a series of tests to evaluate its condition.
    2. If the scanner passes initial quality tests, we determine if any components need repair or replacement. We check the condition of all the rollers, electronics, and mechanisms, and replace them with genuine factory-specified parts as needed.
    3. We test paper handling, data transfer, the power supply, consumables and all accessories. We also update the firmware to the latest version.
    4. We calibrate the optical sensors and feed motors using the same tools we use in our factories, ensuring scan clarity and accuracy.
    5. We thoroughly clean the scanner, reassemble it, and run more tests to make sure everything works to factory specs.
    6. The renewal process is complete, and the scanner is Certified Refurbished – ready to solve new paper problems!

We hope you have an amazing experience.  If you don't we'll make it right.

We don’t accept returns for Certified Refurbished products. For Certified Refurbished products, we offer a 90-day Limited Warranty for manufacturer defects. If you have a problem we determine to be covered under our Limited Warranty, we’ll take back the non-functioning device and send you the same or comparable refurbished model as a replacement at no charge.

See Limited Warranty Guide
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Need real, supportive help? Talk to our friendly tech support.

Our U.S.-based Technical Assistance Center is full of well-trained support technicians and engineers who are experts in document scanning. They have real answers, not scripts. Whether you just need help setting up your scanner or have a problem to troubleshoot, you can rely on us. Many of our teammates have decades of experience with our products and we can solve most problems with a single call.

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Add more peace of mind with an optional Protection Plan

With Depot, your repair is in the mail

The Depot Service program is designed to provide mail-in unit repair service for those customers requiring asset tag tracking or who prefer to retain their existing scanner.

Depot Mail-in Service

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