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Automotive Retail Office Scanners

Streamline your automotive service business

Drive cost savings, efficiency, and accessibility with Ricoh Document Scanners.

For seamless data retrieval and sharing, it’s time to shift gears

From service order invoices to vehicle inspection forms, your teams are likely manually inputting data at the end of every day. This process often leads to labor and storage costs and a time-consuming retrieval experience.

Ricoh Document Scanners’ fi Series coupled with our solutions for delivering and sharing data–EdgeXperience, PaperStream NX Manager, and PaperStream Capture–offer simple, cost-effective digitization that allows your business to perform like a well-oiled machine.

The Alamitos Group

See how one auto service franchise used our best-in-class fi Series document scanners and cloud-based solutions to streamline their paper processes as well as save time and money across over 30 locations nationwide.

“Both customer and employee satisfaction
has gone through the roof.”

- Marty Barrett
CFO, Alamitos Group

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Turn paperwork into data that’s
easily and instantly accessible

From car inspections to inventory records, your business paper trail needs to be securely scanned and instantly accessed by upper management and staff. Our durable scanners–made with the highest quality materials and enabled with cutting-edge software–provide a simple way of digitizing critical information to run your business profitably and without liability in the face of work order disputes.

 Reduce costs by eliminating the fees associated with paper storage 

Keep clean, accurate records of past customer visits and services

Organize files and streamline data retrieval and sharing to increase front office efficiency

Scan documents at multiple locations and get instant access across the organization

Securely share sensitive customer and financial data

Provide exemplary customer service with fast, easy retrieval of client information

We have a wide array of solutions to streamline
your business processes.

Talk to a solutions specialist to fuel the success
of your automotive service business

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