AB 1466: Implementing the County Redaction Process

Note: This is blog posting #1 of 2. Read the AB 1466: An overview and how to comply with new regulations if you missed it.

Once a digital document containing restricted covenant language has been identified, it will be relatively straightforward to decide how it should be redacted to comply with California law.

Another advantage of digitizing documents is that they can be made electronically available to the County Counsel for review and approval. Rather than having to bundle paper files and physically transport them to the County Counsel's office, they can be shared in a variety of ways: loaded onto a centralized server, or even uploaded to a web site in the cloud, where any authorized user can gain access using an Internet browser. 

Note: the ability to share documents electronically can be especially helpful considering current best practices for employees to work remotely during the Covid pandemic.

Long-term Savings

Once the redacted language has been approved by the County Counsel, the modified electronic version of the document can be recorded and archived in accordance with county practices. 

Now that the document has been preserved in electronic format, not only will future efforts to retrieve it will be faster and easier, but the county can save money by reducing or even eliminating storage costs. What used to be a room full of paper files in boxes can be reduced to a single server sitting in computer room or even in the cloud.

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