EdgeXperience Capture Service and Windows 365 Cloud PC

Easy to use, easy to deliver, easy to manage – I thought I was hearing about the new EdgeXperience Capture Service, an industry-first Imaging Solution as a Service (ISaaS). But instead, this was coming from the Microsoft product team on a video about Windows 365 Cloud PC. The similarities are amazing, and even better, the two technologies work really well together to meet the challenges of today’s distributed business environment.

With Windows 365 Cloud PC, a business can provision a new Windows Cloud PC image in minutes and then stream it to a device of choice, allowing users to switch back and forth between their PCs, tablets, and phones. All of the processing power is in Microsoft’s cloud, giving businesses the flexibility to meet their users’ unique requirements quickly and easily. 

It’s the same with the new multi-cloud EdgeXperience Capture Service for document scanning on the edge. When a business needs to deploy a scanning solution to capture documents as soon as they come into the organization, they can just go to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and order an EdgeXperience server. Within minutes, it’s ready to go. Windows 365 Cloud PC is an operating system in the cloud that can be used on any device. EdgeXperience Capture Service delivers our PaperStream® NX Manager quickly and easily as well. It’s essentially a scanning ecosystem that allows businesses to digitally transform all of their paper-based processes and integrate them with their line of business systems, content management applications, and cloud services.

The Windows 365 Cloud PC video continues – fast, scalable, always up to date. Again, that describes EdgeXperience Capture Service perfectly. Gone are the days of installing drivers, local updates, upgrading hardware, or having to suffer through slow processing speeds. EdgeXperience Capture Service not only allows you to subscribe to our NX Server in a Microsoft Azure cloud, but it also gives you the ability to subscribe to the latest in document scanning technology as well with the fi-7300NX Image Scanner. You can scale the scanner subscription to the number of capture locations and the cloud processing volume to match your business requirements. When those requirements change, you can scale using the EdgeXperience Capture Service. And because it’s a service, you’re not locked into hardware or software capital purchases or large upfront commitments. Your IT hardware is always up to date. Today’s businesses need to be fast and agile to maintain their competitive edge and this technology service delivers.

Just like Windows 365 Cloud PC, EdgeXperience Capture Service and the fi-7300NX allows you to work the way you want to when you want to, where you want to, and on the device that you choose. The scanner has a small footprint and wireless connectivity, which allows you to place it wherever you need it and makes it easy to access and share. It’s also easy to use, no training is required. Just walk up, badge in, load your documents, and press a job button. That’s it, your documents are quickly scanned and you can go off and do the next thing with no delays, no IT hassles, great quality the first time and every time. 

EdgeXperience Capture Service doesn’t require you to install software on the PC, so it works seamlessly with a variety of IT configurations, especially Windows 365 Cloud. Everything is handled in the Microsoft Azure cloud and the configuration and management are browser-based. You can access your scanned images on the device, application, or service of your choice.

And your IT will love this service too. It’s easy to implement. You don’t have to go onsite to set it up at each location. The scanners can be preconfigured for shipment. That makes them easy to unbox and power up by your remote employees. Once they’re connected, your IT staff can take it from there. Remote setup, remote maintenance, remote integration – and just like Windows 365 Cloud PC, we’ll take care of the platform. Security, OS, and platform updates are all part of the service.

Simply put, EdgeXperience Capture Service allows you and your employees to do what they do best – deliver great products, services, and customer satisfaction. Microsoft gives you Windows your way and we give you scanning your way as well. Most importantly, the two technologies go great together.

Learn more about EdgeXperience Capture Service here.