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We know that no matter your industry, you need a scanning solution that is fast and easy to use on various paper types—documents like passports, IDs, forms, contracts, invoices and receipts, to name a few. And you need to know that the scanned documents are authentic reproductions of the originals. That's why we're so excited about our latest scanner family, the fi-8000 series. This series empowers users to easily capture and digitize information from various paper types, thicknesses, and sizes.

One of the most extraordinary advancements for the fi-8000 series is image clarity. Our engineers have developed Clear Image Capture (CIC) technology. Proprietary to the new scanners, it's an innovative new approach to delivering amazing image quality. To better explain the full extent of CIC benefits, let's talk about what came before – Contact Imaging Sensor (CIS) and Charge-Coupled Device (CCD). Standard CIS technology uses a linear array of detectors and focused lenses, with red, green and blue LEDs for illumination. However, CIS limits accuracy by using just three colors because that can cause 'color shift,' contributing to blurred characters or images. CCD does a better job of reproducing accurate color values and preventing color shift but still has limitations with line distortion, especially with documents that require varying focal depths like a passport or folded paper.


CIear Image Capture Incorporates the strong characteristics of both CIS and CCD to generate the best image quality. It's based on CIS but uses 3D color conversion technology to digitize the image using  4913 color levels. Compare that to typical CIS scanners that may only use 30 of them. This produces much higher color accuracy. CIC utilizes algorithms to prevent color shift and address line distortion caused by crumpled, folded or creased paper by compensating for these variances delivering exceptionally crisp images.

Why does this matter? Because you need sharp character images for good OCR accuracy. With CIC, you'll get crisp images that contribute to highly precise Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This makes it easy to automate manual document classification and extraction processes and to be able to search document management systems for information. The best part about CIC is that it's automatic. You don't have to spend a lot of time dialing in settings. It also utilizes LED lights, which means less energy consumption, a fast startup time, and a longer life for the scanner.

By truly understanding the needs of the marketplace, we created the fi-8000 series with ground-breaking technology that will revolutionize organizational scanning productivity. We hope that you'll get a chance to see it in action.

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