Fueling Data-Driven Transformation

If the past year has pushed your company’s efforts to digitize into hyperdrive, you’re not alone. And while Digital Transformation - the buzz-term of 2020 - is about more than just digitization, having information in digital form is a foundational element to seamless, successful organizational and process change.

Organizations today can only be as successful as the data they can capture and integrate into their enterprise operations to make disruptive business decisions. While adopting latest innovations is a necessary step, technology is of little value if the data it uses is insufficient, incomplete or of poor quality.

With our document scanning solutions, we are helping organizations build that foundation and best leverage their data by converting paper-based information - still vital in many industries - into a digital format. Our document scanning solutions enable organizations to streamline processing by sending paper materials into digital workflows quickly and without interruption. With the assistance of artificial intelligence and/or machine learning, data can be automatically extracted from digitized documents and imported into databases and other destinations, removing the need for slow, inaccurate manual data-entry that comes with 2.4% error rate.

Digitization gives organizations confidence in the data they are using to drive change. But that is just one of the many benefits it brings. It also:

  • Enables employees to quickly retrieve records
  • Automates manual processes such as file naming and metadata tagging for improved efficiency
  • Enhances security with programmatic access controls and profile-based permissions
  • Applies automated governance procedures for document handling, retention, and disposal

At the end of the day, we know companies across all industries are feeling the urgency to enter the Digital Transformation era, bringing an ever-present pressure to become data-driven. With a host of advanced, robust, and scalable imaging solution options, we are committed to helping companies make this a reality.