ScanSnap Cloud - More than Scanning, Access and Efficiency

ScanSnap Cloud - More than Scanning, Access and Efficiency

In today’s digital world, accessibility to information is more important than ever. From online banking to credit card apps on your phone, we can access the information we need when we need it. However, what about your important information on a piece of paper like Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses, and Auto Registrations? Having access to these paper documents may be critical and that is where the ScanSnap Cloud comes in the Cloud-enabled ScanSnap Home software is the digital onramp for your physical documents. Simply set a profile in the software to your favorite Cloud repository like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive and scan your documents to that site and now you have instant access on the go.

In addition, the ScanSnap home software leverages business partnerships to increase your efficiency especially when you are working.  Sure, ScanSnap can digitize your personal documents for easy access, but we can do the same for your business too.  Let’s look at how using ScanSnap plus Hubdoc and Xero has helped transform the ways accountants do their business.

Xero is one of the leading accounting platforms in the US. They also acquired our Cloud partner, Hubdoc. In conjunction with ScanSnap and Hubdoc, Xero has designed a workflow that increases automation and efficiency. Clients can scan their receipts into Hubdoc, directly from their ScanSnap scanner. Hubdoc will perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the receipts. OCR will scan the receipt for pertinent information and then, place that information in the correct field and export to Xero. There is no need to manually type in the date, amount, or supplier of the receipt because Hubdoc does this work for you.

This type of flow saves accounting firms the manual labor of data entry and vastly increases the efficiency for accountants. Now, accountants can process the work for each of their clients faster and with less errors thanks to automated data entry!

Whether you are looking for a personal solution to have greater access to your records or a business solution to increase your efficiency and profitability the ScanSnap Cloud is the right solution for you! Click here to learn about the integration of Xero and ScanSnap Cloud. Happy Scanning!