Spring Cleaning: Digitizing to Preserve and Organize

Spring Cleaning: Digitizing to Preserve and Organize

It’s that time of year again, when we think of cleaning and clearing out nooks and crannies in our homes and offices. We’re not going to talk today about how to arrange your furniture, what colors are now on trend, or which desk organizers you need. But we can help you address a big issue most of us wrestle with during any Spring Cleaning initiatives: paper. Whether you’re organizing a traditional office, a home office, or both, you’re probably facing stacks of papers. Receipts, invoices, brochures, statements, contracts, mail, children’s homework, greeting cards, you name it—the list goes on. And at least some of that paper contains information you need to preserve and find again down the road.

Fortunately, our document scanning solutions can provide a simple, painless way to capture important data and organize it, too.

One button is all you need

It might be hard to believe, but a single button can turn those mountains of paper into organized, accessible digital files. The ScanSnap iX1400 refines simplicity and offers the signature, one-touch experience that ScanSnap users have come to love.  It’s also easy for those new to scanning to learn in a snap. This classic desktop model makes it easy to capture documents of all shapes and sizes, from small items like receipts and business cards, to full-sized legal papers—or even those long receipts you get at the grocery store. The iX1400 includes a receipt guide to make large scanning projects even easier. The possibilities are endless! Don’t worry about dirt and flaws marring documents, either. The built-in Dust Detection and Streak Reduction features removes streaks from images and actually reminds you to clean the device when needed. And, because it uses a dedicated USB connection, you’ll never have to worry about network availability. Want to see it in action? Watch the demo.

ScanSnap Home is an all-in-one software specially developed for ScanSnap scanners like the iX1400. You’ll be able to easily manage, edit, and use multiple types of scanned data, combine favorite functions, and organize everything—documents, receipts, business cards, photos and much more—all in one application. The software automates processes that where once manual, such as auto rotation, deskew, blank page removal, and document type classification.  With the iX1400 with ScanSnap Home, you’ll be able to:

  • Turn your stacks of paper into fully searchable files. Create a searchable PDF profile to initiate OCR during the scanning process, or apply it using ScanSnap Home after documents have been scanned.
  • Convert hardcopy documents into Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. ScanSnap maintains the original document formatting while changing the image into an editable file. Imagine scanning a spreadsheet right into Excel!
  • Organize receipts by vendor or company, total amount, and classification like Tax for easy reconciliation.
  • Create and apply custom tags to documents, taking your organization skills up another level.This makes it easier than ever to find your information.

Cleaning up your act

If you need additional functionality, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, scan to cloud, or the ability to share the scanner with multiple users, meet the ScanSnap iX1600, your new best friend!. For starters, its ultra-sonic double-feed detection keeps scanning projects going, reducing jams and misfeeds.

This model simplifies the scanning process for a variety of document types. And, the scanner includes wireless or USB connectivity, an intuitive touch screen and advanced software that converts pages into fully editable files, including searchable PDFs. The iX1600 also integrates with several popular cloud applications, including Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive.

No matter which scanner you choose, you’ll be thrilled with the benefits: no more searching through file cabinets, desk drawers, or boxes of records and personally reading through documents to find what you need. Digitizing with ScanSnap iX1400 or iX1600 and organizing with ScanSnap Home makes Spring Cleaning a breeze.