Labor Finders

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Temporary Staffing Franchise Service Implements ScanSnap Scanners Nationwide

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Labor Finders provides temporary staffing and labor services for commercial, industrial and construction applications through their U.S. franchise network. With over 200 offices nationwide who each deal with paperwork from over a thousand new employees and other applicants every year, Labor Finders always suffered from what they called “paper file cabinet syndrome.”

Business Needs

Applicant and client documents were physically stored at corresponding offices, and branches could never access original documents from other offices when they needed it. Each office filed all paper documents locally in physical file cabinets. If an office needed a file that was not stored in their own location, they had to first find out what office had the file and then request that office to fax over hard copies of the documents – taking significant time away from revenue-generating activities and adding to unnecessary overhead costs from long distance calls, etc.

In lieu of this, the Information Technology Director determined that the answer to their paper problem was to implement a Digital File Cabinet solution where all files would be centrally stored and all offices would be able to securely access them.

We had already implemented a Document Repository that had been successful, so implementing the Digital File Cabinet solution was the natural next step in order to provide a digitized version of paper files at the individual employee and customer record level. I knew the concept would alleviate our ‘paper file cabinet syndrome’ and help make data more accessible across the organization. We just needed a device to support it.

Jorge Quintana IT director, Labor Finders International, Inc.


At the onset of the project, the Labor Finders team – which consisted of Quintana, a software development project leader and a software developer – determined they needed to find a scanner with the right features to complement the Digital File Cabinet solution’s “drag and drop” feature.

“When I came across the ScanSnap family of products, I noticed there was no need for a special driver. I could simply retrieve the scanned image [with our software] at the operating system level,” said Quintana. “With ScanSnap, we already had all the expertise we needed, which made it easy for me to decide that this was the right device to bring the Digital File Cabinet concept to life.”

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Product Features

  • Get started instantly with Fast Setup mode—just lift the lid and start scanning
  • Big, smart touch screen with shortcut buttons for faster scanning and easy organizing
  • Wi-Fi convenience—use with any device, or scan directly to popular cloud services
  • Scan receipts and business cards with removable Receipt Guide
  • Feed thicker items like envelopes with one-touch Manual Feed engagement
  • ScanSnap Cloud determines document type and destination automatically
  • Change settings anytime or use Auto Scan mode to let ScanSnap do the work
  • Integrate your favorite features with ScanSnap Home software

ScanSnap® iX1600


With the support from ScanSnap scanners, the Labor Finders team deployed the Digital File Cabinet solution, with over 50 offices installing scanners and over 120,000 documents already uploaded into the system.

Right out of the gates, the solution provided each of their offices with the ability to scan any paper document directly into the software and access it from any location. Now, nearly 900 documents are scanned daily using the ScanSnap scanners – from employee applications and employee identification cards, to customer contracts and customer credit applications.

Once the documents are scanned, digitized versions are saved automatically into the “Employee File,” “Customer File” or “Document Repository.” Saving a digitized version of the documents in the system provides employees with the ease of securely accessing any document at any time from any office as long as they have the proper access rights. They can scan single or double-sided documents and identification cards, which the employees find particularly valuable because they constantly have to file different types of identification cards.

Using the Digital File Cabinet solution and the ScanSnap scanners to mobilize their data across more than 50 branch offices nationwide has significantly increased productivity and reduced unnecessary overhead costs for the organization. And, Labor Finders reveals that the implementation has been so successful that the volume and speed of documents uploaded into the system has already required them to upgrade their Document Repository server to increase their storage capacity.

“We are saving time that was previously dedicated to filing and retrieving paper files, storage space from hundreds of physical file cabinets that were in offices throughout the country, as well as a few thousand dollars annually per office in labor and operational costs,” continued Quintana. “As a result, hundreds of employees can now allocate more time to revenue-generating activities, which directly impacts our bottom line.” The ScanSnap scanners have helped Quintana’s Digital File Cabinet solution come to fruition within the Labor Finders organization and, most importantly, has helped finally cure their “paper file cabinet syndrome.”