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Lynbrook High School Goes Digital to Maintain IEPs with Ease

Lynbrook High School

As a Silicon Valley landmark, Lynbrook High School is a leader in STEM education with a unique focus on technology. That's why digitizing paper-based student resource forms to simplify access and streamline processes was an easy choice—and a smart move.

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Lynbrook High School in San Jose serves around 1800 students, with 160 staff. Founded before Silicon Valley became the global innovation hub it is today, the school is known for both its commitment and contributions to technology. According to the U.S. News & World Report's 2020 Best High Schools, it ranks #10 in STEM High Schools, #11 in California High Schools, and #98 in National Rankings.*

Lynbrook creates Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for students with a wide range of educational needs. Each student's unique needs must be verified by a multidisciplinary team, and managing the programs requires meeting regularly with all parties. In addition to students, parents, and school administrators, this can include teachers, psychologists, social workers, home-school tutors, and case managers. Contracts and permission forms must be signed by everyone involved, and each time an amendment is made, that has to be signed, too.

Keeping IEPs up to date while adhering to strict guidelines involves managing a mountain of paperwork. Even before the district moved to distance learning, the school's resource teacher, Thomas Greaves, was looking for a better way to communicate changes to parents, teachers, and administrators, without sending a 30-page contract through the mail every time a plan was updated. It was time to go digital.

* US News & World Report, 2020 Best High Schools

I was amazed by how easy it was to use. Setup took minutes, and the speed I can scan documents at now has been a real game changer. I will definitely be using this for more content in the future.
Thomas Greaves Resource Teacher, Lynbrook High School


While teaching remotely, Mr. Greaves implemented a ScanSnap scanner to make IEP management more efficient. The ScanSnap’s easy setup enabled him to start using it within minutes, and take his 25-student caseload digital. Now instead of holding an in-person meeting or having to mail out a lengthy contract anytime a change is made to the student’s goals, progress, accommodations, or weekly support needs, he simply scans it and emails it to everyone who needs to sign off. And when the paperwork is signed and ready for the SIRAS Special Education Management System that maintains IEP documentation at the district level, uploading it is quick and easy.

Scanning documents to email rather than making multiple copies to send by mail has drastically reduced the amount of time, and paper, involved in managing the school’s resources. Mr. Greaves has also started using the ScanSnap to scan and upload educational materials to Schoology, an online learning management system (LMS) used to track assignments, grades, and more. This makes it easy to distribute materials to students online, adding even more value. He even uses the scanner to submit his timecards quickly and accurately.

Digitization helps schools reduce the need for paper documents. Save time, streamline processes, and make documents instantly available for teachers, administrators, students, and parents on secure district-wide portals.

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With ScanSnap scanning technology, schools can provide the following benefits for their teachers, staff, and students:

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