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Omni Logistics Cuts Processing Time and Gets Jobs Done Faster

Omni Logistics

Omni Logistics recently expanded its global reach. With a new depth of services that spanned worldwide, they needed more from their scanners. And they found it with the fi -7300NX document scanner.

Business Needs

Omni Logistics has quickly grown to become one of the world’s leading privately held 3PL providers with 2,200 employees around the world. They specialize in providing unique, custom supply chain solutions and have a client roster that includes companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations.

With every job they do, they provide a seamless partnership that delivers confidence, removes risk, and provides a level of customization that’s unique among 3PL providers. Because they apply a high level of focus on order accuracy and accountability from inception to the final mile, they needed a fast scanner they could rely on. Moving a shipment involved uploading a large quantity of paper documentation in the system. With the large volume of shipments growing daily, Rod Obligacion, General Manager at Omni’s San Francisco station, reports that the scanners they were using in various departments simply weren’t cutting it. They needed scanners that were fast, reliable and would help streamline their processes and help their teams be more productive.

The return on investment played a big factor in our decision to transition to the fi-7300NX scanners. In our warehouse alone, processing time has been cut in half. These scanners have paid for themselves.

Rod Obligacion General Manager, Omni Logistics SFO


Rod arranged to have sample scanners delivered to Omni. The IT team at Omni was interested in trying them—to see if there was any noticeable improvement over the scanners they were using at the time. When the fi-7300NX scanners arrived, Rod dispatched them to four different departments: Customer Service, Accounting, Operations and the warehouse. The results were dramatic. Prior to using the fi-7300NX, employees were accustomed to scanning a document, searching through a folder for it, renaming it, then emailing the scan to a coworker—all in all, scanning and emailing invoices was a four-step process. The fi-7300NX reduced it to just two steps. Better yet, it enabled employees to upload the scans into their system—to label, organize, and save them. In the warehouse, the scanner cut their process time in half.

Using the fi-7300NX, invoices at Omni are now easily searched by key number or key word. Rod’s teams quickly got on board with creating program names and folders because the scanners include PaperStream NX Manager server software, which makes it easy to customize jobs and integrate with downstream workflows.

Omni Logistics SFO needed scanners that could keep pace with their workload. The fi-7300NX delivered just what they were looking for: speed, high-resolution image quality, and great paper handling, along with easy integration and compatibility with document imaging applications.

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Product Features

  • Scan from the scanner with simple touch-screen operation
  • Various authentication methods for improved efficiency and security
  • Scan from your smart device/thin client to any business platform
  • 5 types of SDKs to suit any environment
  • A server software that provides seamless integration with various client systems and applications
  • Versatile software for efficient management of multiple scanners
  • Paper Protection function protects scans from jamming by detecting anomalies in document length and sound
  • Manual Feed Mode for scanning folded or bound documents
  • Scan directly into on-premise or cloud applications without a PC


fi-7300NX Document Scanner

With fi Series scanning technology, Omni Logistics can provide the following benefits for their employees in various departments:

  • Seamless integration into Omni systems
  • Reduced operation cost with centralized management
  • Hardware that’s easy to use
  • SDK provision for more flexibility