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Digitized Records For Optimized Shipping

Transportation & Logistics

Digitized Records For Optimized Shipping

In the transportation and logistics industry, delivering freight involves stacks of paperwork, often at multiple points along the route. Efficiently capturing information on the documents—and sharing that data along the way—is what keeps the whole process moving smoothly.

Our market-leading document scanning solutions enable those anywhere in the supply chain to scan essential paperwork on the spot—from inside a depot, truck, shipping or receiving dock, or reception area. Electronic records help reduce errors, mitigate issues with disputes, and get all parties paid faster.

High-quality Ricoh scanners are needed now more than ever

11.84 B

Total tons of freight transported by trucks in the U.S. in 20191


Percentage of U.S. annual GDP attributed to the logistics industry2


Ratio of survey takers who can’t find the most recent version of a paper document most or all of the time3


Global dollars spent annually on everything from a resource’s origin to a finished good’s destination4

Increased efficiency with digitized records

Over 1,000 Ricoh scanners are installed at national shipping chains for good reason: They’re reliable, easy to operate, and they last. Using high-quality Ricoh document scanning solutions, drivers, administrators, and clerks are able to:

  • Scan bills of lading, proof of delivery, shipping forms, etc.—directly into an EMS for access by the entire supply chain, as needed
  • Expedite confirmation of delivery and bill the customer faster
  • Produce exceptionally clean images—even of hard-to-capture items like handwritten invoices and duplicate/copy forms
  • Improve the accuracy of record keeping—reducing duplications, misfiling, or loss
  • Maintain records that show compliance with regulations at state and federal levels
  • Free up space used by filing cabinets or stored documents for other purposes


Innovative, fast, and built to last high-volume scanner

  • Capable of scanning up to 130,000 sheets a day
  • 750-sheet feeder breaks big tasks into fewer batches and saves prep time
  • Automatic Skew Correction identifies and fixes skew to avoid incomplete data, damaged documents, and down time
  • Clear Image Capture (CIC) proprietary technology gives crisp detail and accurate color performance
  • Stapled Documents Detection prevents feeding paper with staples anywhere on the page
  • U-turn and Straight Scan feed options can handle a wide variety of paper sizes and thicknesses without hassle
  • Improves scanned images and OCR performance with industry-recognized PaperStream software


Continuously scans a large volume of documents reliably all day long

  • Holds up to 300 sheets at a time in the feeder
  • Scans a fast 100 pages per minute
  • Accepts documents of various thickness and size


Perfect for distributed scanning to HQ; can be placed untethered anywhere

  • Scans PC-free with Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Scans a fast 60 pages per minute
  • Prevents jams and protects documents with advanced paper feeding
fi-7300NX Document Scanner