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Provide Better Public Assistance With Intelligent Scanners


Provide Better Public Assistance With Intelligent Scanners

The myriad government services that support our health and families differ from state to state. What they share in common is a need for accurate and efficient capturing of information from everyone seeking those services—whether for COVID vaccinations, parenting classes, family or individual therapy, or other assistance.

Our market-leading document scanning solutions make it easy for anyone making scans—in an office, shelter, healthcare facility, even at home—to digitize information from essential paperwork on the spot. Digital records keep sensitive data secure, retain it only as needed, and are easily accessible, ensuring that help is offered as fast as possible.

High-quality Ricoh document scanners are needed now more than ever

Up to17 sf

The amount of valuable floor space taken up by each filing cabinet.1


The average error rate when data is entered manually.2


The ratio of survey participants who said it’s difficult to find the most recent version of a paper document most or all of the time.3

Digitized records for faster workflows

There’s an urgency when scanning records for welfare programs, foster care, child and adult protective services, and other public assistance programs. Poorly scanned images make it difficult to capture data accurately—they can create delays, which is simply unacceptable. Using high-quality Ricoh document scanners, front-desk personnel, social workers, administrators, and more are able to:

  • Quickly and easily scan registration forms, ID, applications, etc.—for easy upload to a document management system or Cloud repository
  • Expedite requests and provide public assistance faster
  • Use the scanner intuitively—there’s a minimal learning curve and no training needed
  • Produce exceptionally clean images—even of hard-to-capture items like handwritten application forms
  • Improve the accuracy of record keeping—reducing duplications, misfiling, and loss
  • Maintain records that show compliance with compliance regulations at state and federal levels
  • Free up space for other purposes used by filing cabinets or stored documents

Scale the solution to fit your needs

Ricoh provides those working in health and family services with easy-to-use digital-document automation technology for swift and accurate data capture through scalable and adaptable solutions. To meet the unique needs of your organization, agency, or environment, we recommend the following model:


Perfect for distributed placement, can be placed untethered anywhere in an office, private room in a facility, or home

  • Scan without a PC via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Share documents easily with the main office, HQ, or other locations
  • Scan requests, applications, and forms quickly and get them into the proper workflow
  • Enable various user-authentication methods for improved efficiency and security
  • Reduce IT costs to manage and update scanner fleets
  • Reduce operation costs with centralized scanner management
  • Review scanned images via touch screen for a quick quality check
  • Protect scans from jamming with the Paper Protection function—which detects anomalies in document feeding and sound
  • Powerful PaperStream IP software cleans up complex documents with no profile adjustments
fi-7300NX Document Scanner