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We scan so you can

Expand upon what’s possible by digitizing your physical documents and photos. Organization, productivity, and collaboration start with just the touch of a button.

Scanning solutions as versatile as you are

Our powerful, feature-rich ScanSnap products are perfect for the at-home organizer,
small business owner, and everyone in between.

We scan so you can benefit from a tranquil workspace

Paper clutter can overwhelm more than just your physical space, causing disruptions in productivity and peace of mind. Digitizing the clutter relieves you of the burden of sifting through stacks of documents that may be uncategorized or misplaced. Right out of the box, ScanSnap makes it easy to organize, edit, and share information.

“I am dedicated to helping people achieve a clutter-free desk and a stress-free life through the advanced scanning technology found in the ScanSnap products. ScanSnap scanners stand apart from the rest.”

Penny Catterall, Professional Organizer and ScanSnap Squad Member

We scan so you can clearly capture what's important

From irreplaceable family photos to critical business records, rest assured that your digital scans will be as clear, crisp, and legible as the originals. ScanSnap’s industry-leading image quality ensures the integrity of your documents remains intact.

“ScanSnap has brought me into the next generation of imaging and enables me to digitize my business records and personal archives.”

Steven Ludsin, Attorney and ScanSnap Squad Member

We scan so you can easily share with your network

As your business grows, so does the paperwork and important information you have to manage. Only a scanner with innovative, market-leading technology can keep pace with your burgeoning needs. ScanSnap Home saves your data to any folder on your PC while ScanSnap Cloud sends it securely to your preferred cloud service for easy collaboration with others.

“ScanSnap is so versatile. It scans everything from tiny yellow cab receipts all the way up to invoices and everything else. This process is useful to attorneys who can import contacts straight into Evernote after a conference.”

Rommell R. Maxwell, IT Manager

Awards and Distinctions

"Best Desktop Document Scanner for Homes and Small Offices"


"Best Features"


"Best Scanner to Revolutionize Your Workflow"


"Premium Pick"


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Save up to $312 and increase efficiency and productivity in the office with our newest 2-in-1 Scan + Print bundles, These bundles include a ScanSnap iX1600 Receipt Edition Scanner and a RICOH Laser Printer!

Choose between the fast, efficient RICOH 132 P Black & White Laser Printer or the RICOH C125 P Color Laser Printer, featuring sharp, vibrant colors every time!

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Explore our entire ScanSnap line up—over 2 million units sold

Find the perfect ScanSnap scanner to help you digitize tax paperwork, small business order forms, precious keepsakes, and everything in between.

BLI Scanner Line of the Year Award 

"Scanners from Ricoh are a great choice for businesses as they enable excellence in areas such as hybrid work without compromising on staples like image quality."
-Mark Davis, Analyst in Keypoint Intelligence's Workplace Group

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User-friendly capabilities enhance your
scanning experience

Our proprietary scanning features integrate with your ScanSnap scanner—even legacy
models—to save you time and keep your documents more organized.

Organize, manage,
and edit data

Take the work out of scanning with everything you need to scan, classify, and organize standard documents, receipts, business cards, and photos.

Learn more about our scanning technology

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Save and share scanned data from anywhere

Drive your wireless ScanSnap scanner from your iOS, iPadOS, or Android. Scan directly to popular cloud devices to share and save your data.

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The ScanSnap Squad is made up of people who’ve integrated ScanSnap into their workflows across many different industries. Get to know their ScanSnap story and their tips and tricks on how to digitize your workflow.

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