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ScanSnap Connect

Drive your wireless ScanSnap with ScanSnapĀ® Connect

The fastest way to get documents from your ScanSnap scanner to your iOS, iPadOS, Android, or Chrome OS mobile device.  

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Saves Time

Scan directly to your mobile device


Supports iOS, iPadOS, Android and Chrome OS


Just press the blue button in the App

Instant Access

Access your scanned files on the go


Easily send scans to others

ScanSnap Connect
ScanSnap Connect is an easy to use mobile scanning application that provides the option to scan to your iOS, iPadOS, Android or Chrome OS mobile device.Ā 



Supports all ScanSnap wireless models including iX100, iX500, iX1300, iX1500 & iX1600

ScanSnap Sync

Automatically uploads scanned images to One Drive Dropbox, or Google Drive

Extend functionality

Use mobile OS to search, annotate, edit and connect scanned images to other apps

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