3 Ways to Bring Your Curriculum to Life and Share Work with Students and Parents

As educators, you and your colleagues across the country are facing unprecedented challenges as the new school year begins. Never has it been so difficult to provide the simplest educational support tools—think class curriculum or math worksheets—to your students. Likewise, administrators are looking for ways to make sure that records and other essential documents are captured and stored centrally, even when everyone is working from distributed locations.

While modern technology has enabled distance learning, the education system still requires a lot of paper. The ability to digitize paper documents through scanning is frequently overlooked, but it can be faster, easier and frankly cheaper than trying to rebuild documents and learning tools online from scratch.

Scanning can work well for a variety of items, including:

  • Class curriculum
  • Worksheets
  • Photographs
  • Drawings
  • Student records
  • Permission slips
  • IEP files
  • Student artwork
  • Registration requirements

Virtualizing the classroom

Whether you’re teaching from home or processing student administrative paperwork, the right scanner can make your job easier. Our industry-leading document scanning solutions provide the most efficient way to digitize, organize and share documents with students, teachers, parents and school administrators. Choose the scanner model that suits your particular needs.

  • Do you need to scan volumes of worksheets, records or requirements documents? The ScanSnap iX1500 makes it easy to meet every day scanning needs for teachers and administrators working from home. No need to give classification a second thought: with one push of a button, it automatically categorizes standard documents, photos, business cards and receipts. The scanner includes Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you scan to cloud destinations, making it easy to share.
  • Do you have a small workspace or need to travel among distributed offices? The ScanSnap iX100 can help. It’s a lightweight, mobile scanner that can even scan both sides of a page during one pass—in less than six seconds! Even better, you can scan wirelessly to a PC, Mac, and iOS or Android mobile device.
  • Do you need to work with delicate materials and book or magazine excerpts? Use the ScanSnap SV600 for fragile pieces like artwork or excerpts from books and periodicals. The scanner automatically flattens and corrects the curve distortion from binding seams and it’s contactless, so it won’t damage fragile or textured documents.

Organizing and sharing

Getting materials digitized is the first step, but then you need a plan for managing and distributing items in the online classroom or school setting. Our document scanning solutions work with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to help support distance learning scenarios. These programs offer you a simple and quick way to digitize, classify, organize, collaborate and share documents.

Saving the planet while minding the budget

The top priority right now is keeping children and school staff safe and healthy. But some of the actions you take to move classwork and records online can be good for the environment—and the budget. Going digital means less paper to buy, store and recycle.  You can use the scanner to:

  • Quickly capture critical data from all types of documents.
  • Automate document management processes that were once manual.
  • Save workspace by eliminating file cabinets, file folders and piles of paperwork.
  • Send documents and pictures directly to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive—no PC required.
  • Quickly find documents through a simple Windows-style lookup.

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