5 Document Management Companies Helping Businesses Navigate Digital Transformation

These companies can handle the paperwork while you focus on building your business.

Ever tried to fix a leak in your kitchen sink and only made things worse? Or tried to mend a rip in your favorite piece of clothing and just end up with needle-pricked fingers? These experiences — and others like them — teach us a simple lesson: There’s a reason people pay for expert help.

If you’re staring at piles of paper and don’t know where to start, don’t worry. These five document management companies can take that project off your hands and let you get back to what you do best: working on your business.

Find the best document management solutions for your business with our guide, The complete guide to document management systems.

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What Are Document Management Companies?

Document management companies provide services that help organizations with their document-based processing and organization tasks. Standard services these companies offer include printing, scanning, storage, process automation, digital transformation, and electronic or physical file destruction. Working with a document management service provider can have many benefits, like paper waste reduction, improved information security, enhanced operational efficiency, and significant cost savings.

5 Top Tier Document Management Companies

1. Access

Access is among the best document management companies in the market, offering comprehensive services for every aspect of the information lifecycle. Access currently helps 30,000 organizations improve information accessibility and process efficiency — and reduce document management costs.

  • Services: Access provides a wide variety of document management services, including digital transformation, document scanning, digital mailroom, offsite document storage, secure records destruction, and more. The company also offers project management consultation for clients with particularly tricky information management challenges.
  • Advantages: Access’ key advantages are the breadth of its offerings and experience with a variety of clients.
  • Industries: Access works with clients in the automotive, education, energy, finance, insurance, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and government sectors.

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2. GRM Information Management

GRM Information Management has over four decades of experience in the document management space, making them one of the most established names in the industry. They are also one of the most widespread, with offices in major US cities like Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and San Francisco.

  • Services: Like Access, GRM boasts comprehensive document management services. They offer document scanning, storage, shredding, and management services — as well as a digital mailroom service.
  • Advantages: GRM’s key advantage is its focus. Document management tools and document management services are essentially its entire offering.
  • Industries: GRM works with clients in the education, entertainment, energy, finance, insurance, legal, manufacturing, construction, retail, real estate, hospitality, HR, and government sectors — with particular expertise in healthcare.

3. Conduent

Conduent does much more than document management, providing everything from transportation to customer experience management solutions. That said, the document management services it offers are backed by an enormous organization and cutting-edge technology.

  • Services: Conduent’s core document management services are document scanning, document storage, automated document processing, and digital mailroom. The automated document processing service is particularly robust, using innovative tech to extract data and automate workflows.
  • Advantages: Conduent’s key advantage is its use of advanced document processing techniques like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
  • Industries: Conduent works with clients in the aerospace, automotive, finance, insurance, healthcare, media, technology, manufacturing, energy, retail, transportation, travel, hospitality, and government sectors.

4. Ricoh USA

Ricoh USA is the American branch of a multibillion-dollar global electronics and imaging corporation, and, like Conduent, document management is only one component of the company’s offering. But information management software and services are the heart of Ricoh USA’s business, so rest assured that they’re bringing considerable expertise to every engagement.

  • Services: Ricoh USA has three primary document management services. The first is a digitization service that helps clients transform paper documents and other unstructured information into organized and searchable digital content. The second is an automation service that helps businesses improve efficiency by converting paper forms into secure and automated workflows. Finally, Ricoh offers a comprehensive commercial printing service.
  • Advantages: Ricoh’s key advantages are its considerable resources and 86 years of experience.
  • Industries: Ricoh USA works with clients in the print, energy, finance, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing, retail, and legal sectors.

5. Record Nations

Record Nations has been offering document management services for 42 years, and over that time, the company has served well over 300,000 customers. Unlike the other companies on this list, Record Nations is a middleman that connects you with experts in your area that can help you solve your issue.

  • Services: Record Nations provides document scanning, storage, and shredding services. Because each of these services is delivered by a local provider — instead of a huge company — your experience will likely be more personalized.
  • Advantages: Record Nations’ key advantage is its extensive network of document management specialists.
  • Industries: Record Nations works with clients in the construction, manufacturing, finance, HR, education, healthcare, legal, and government sectors.

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