New ScanSnap® Home Updates

New ScanSnap® Home Updates

This Spring brings a fresh crop of software updates to ScanSnap Home. Take a moment to learn about these helpful improvements, which are sure to make your next ScanSnap project a walk in the park:

Quick Menu is back!

Back by popular demand, we are happy to reintroduce the Quick Menu! The Quick Menu gives you an easy way to scan to a folder, attach scans to an email, and send scans to a printer. Quick Menu will be automatically enabled by importing the scan settings for ScanSnap Home where Quick Menu is enabled. And Quick Menu can be applied to the Touch Panel by adding it as a profile from ScanSnap Home.

Scan to Internet Explorer (for Windows) or to Finder (for Mac)

After you scan a document, ScanSnap Home will show you where it’s been saved--allowing you to find it quickly and easily.

To use this handy feature, just enable it by going to the [General] tab of [Preferences].

If you are a Windows user, select [Show with File Explorer] on the profile you’d like to use. If you are a Mac user, select [Show with Finder] on the profile you’d like to use.

To make it even easier to access your scan, we’ve added the option for [Reveal in File Explorer] to the [File] menu:

If you are a Windows user, select [Reveal in File Explorer]. If you are a Mac user, select [Reveal in Finder].

New icons for profiles

For quick at-a-glance viewing, your profiles will now get icons that feature the first letter of their name. For example, your profile for “Dropbox” will get a ”D”icon. And your profile for “Evernote” would get an “E” icon:  

Also, alphanumeric character icons are now available, so you can incorporate digits as you see fit.

This upgrade is more intuitive, as it makes it easier to quickly find the profile you need.

 Scan Progress Window

Although all of the paper has physically moved through the scanner, it might take additional time for all the data to transfer. Therefore, we’ve added a scan progress window that makes it easy to tell when your scan is complete.

To turn it on, go to the [General] tab and open [Preferences].

Look for the header titled [Actions to be taken when scanning]. Now check the box that reads [Show the scan progress window].

After that, your scan progress window will pop-up in the bottom right corner of your screen every time you scan. When your scan is complete, the window will close.

These latest enhancements are part of our ongoing commitment to be responsive to our customers’ requests and to help them make the most of ScanSnap. If you have any follow up questions or need more guidance, we invite you to visit our online help center.