How Etsy Artists Can Use ScanSnap for Improved Workflow/Business

Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as a painting. Living in a digital world, it can sometimes be hard for an artist to stand out and showcase their work. With so many skilled individuals in the world, it's important to come up with creative ways of getting your artwork seen and recognized.

From curation of their ideas and imagination, to uploading full pieces of work onto the internet, this post will dive into tips and different gadgets artists can use to amplify both their following and pieces of work.

Invest in a Drawing Tool

It’s believed that numerous Old Master painters, including da Vinci and Ingres, relied on optical drawing aids to create their outstanding work. Artists in the present-day world can do the same with the LUCY drawing tool, the most versatile camera lucida ever. This digital tool brings realistic objects to life by reflecting an image on your paper or canvas, making it much easier for you to sketch out the subject.

Whether it be an object on your table or a figure drawing, you can see any image that's directly in front of you. It revolutionizes the tracing of images into an efficient means of translating a real object on your paper. The LUCY tool contains several features that allow you to adjust perspective, lighting, composition and tonal rendering. This invention goes back to old masterful techniques and has finally been revamped and designed for today's artists!

Easily Upload Your Art Online

Once you’ve used LUCY to sketch out your work and flesh it out, the natural next step is to share it on the internet - whether you’re looking to make a sale or just trying to get your name out in the world.

The ScanSnap iX1500 is a helpful tool that can digitize paper in a flash, making it easy for artists to digitize their already curated work. The scanner’s direct-to-cloud scanning option, along with the ability to scan via Wi-Fi to popular cloud services, makes it perfect for organizing your work in one place like Google Drive and Dropbox. The scanner also has a large, easy-to-use touch screen and powerful new software, offering artists who may be new to the scanner world an easy and efficient option to upload their work!

Get Yourself Noticed

With new artists emerging and consistently infiltrating the art market, it tends to be a hard place for artists to get their work noticed. This can be especially difficult when artists rely on dealers and collectors to purchase their work. Thankfully, this transaction can be efficient and enjoyable with Saatchi Art, an online forum and app that allows artists to showcase their work through an online gallery so they can upload, view and purchase their art! With a multitude of helpful tools, Saatchi Art offers users a helpful guide on how to package their work, price it and efficiently promote their work.

Another helpful tool that Saatchi Art offers is an updated blog that contains a pick of the top artists in certain categories for that day or week. This allows users to look at work they are not familiar with and gives exposure to new artists who join the forum! The best part is that Saatchi Art is free to use online or as an app!

Between the LUCY drawing tool, the ScanSnap iX1500 scanner, and the Saatchi Art app, artists can seamlessly create, upload, and showcase their work on an online gallery. Do you have the urge to amplify your artwork? These tools can help you take the right steps to do so!

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