How to Get Around with ScanSnap Home Software

ScanSnap Home software is an all-in-one solution to enhance your scanning experiences with ScanSnap iX1500.  You can easily manage, edit, and utilize scanned data from documents, receipts, business cards, photos and more all in one application. Documents are automatically recognized and grouped by type. 

Today I will show you how to scan your documents and get around with ScanSnap Home software.

First, install and connect the ScanSnap Home software on your laptop, a new window will open. This window will be your main hub for ScanSnap Home.  You will have the option to start scanning, view your scanned data in ScanSnap Home, organize by document type, and make edits after scanning. Click the scan button on the top left of your main ScanSnap Home window.

ScanSnap Home: Scan Window

Click the “Scan” button, and you will see our ScanSnap Home window. On the top row, you will have a list of profiles. You can customize the profiles to

  • Accommodate the different document types you want to scan
  • Set different features
  • Save destinations
  • Select image quality of your scans.
  • (1) is the indicator for connection status of the scanner. You will want to have a blue check mark there to confirm the scanner is ready to go!
  • Click the half circle with the plus sign icon on the top right hand corner, as this is the option to open the window to create a new profile.
  • Click the half circle with a pencil icon on the top right hand corner, as this is the option to open the edit profiles window. From here, you can modify the settings for profiles, delete profiles, and change the order of profiles on the list.
  • (2) is where you can see the list of your profiles (Scan to Folder, Scan to Email etc.) for the ScanSnap in use. Select a profile you want to use from this list. To change the display order of your profiles, do so in the [Edit profiles] window. After saving the changes, it can will on your ScanSnap iX1500.
  • (3) is the profile scroll button. Click this button to scroll through five profiles at a time. Hold the button to keep scrolling through the profiles.
  • Click (4) to select the scan settings for the selected profile. Click each scan setting icon to display the setting window and modify the scan setting temporarily. Scanning a document will return the scan settings back to the settings before any changes are made.

If you want to scan documents under the same settings for every time you scan, change the scan settings for a profile in the [Edit profiles] window.

  • Simply pressing the half circle with a pencil icon on the top right hand corner.
  • From the Edit profiles window, you can click (5) to change the color mode setting icon from automatic, color, gray, or B&W.
  • Click (6) to select the scanning side setting for documents to duplex or simplex from the paper icon.
  • For image quality, you can click (7) to set to automatic, normal, better, best, excellent.
  • Lastly, you can click (8) to select the feed mode settings from normal, manual, and continuous scans. If you are interested in learning more about the feed mode settings, we have a blot tutorial here.

With these options, you can scan all types of documents, business cards, photos, and receipts to the destination of your choice with the top image quality on the market!

To name your own profile, click (9) and click (10) to select your document type detection for your scanned data to automatically detect the type of document, or to scan a specific document type. If the automatically detect option is selected, you will be able to modify settings per document type. This allows you customize your scanning preferences as below.

  • Color quality
  • Scan on front side or both sides
  • Image quality
  • File format (PDF or JPEG)
  • Title for your scanned data. 

ScanSnap Home offers the ability to customize scans to your liking. With your feedback, we are always improving our software. In addition to content online, we offer live phone support to provide technical assistance to our customers.