In-Person, Hybrid, or Virtually Back to School Again

Onboarding Students Digitally and Effectively Managing Records for Higher Education Institutions

Colleges and universities everywhere continue to face a significant task of managing the records of thousands of past and current students. This process requires a solution that can secure information, implement a retention schedule, track updates to records, and make retrieval fast and easy to use. The system should also include digital workflow functionality and the ability to integrate with other IT systems. It also needs to be able to securely share information with students, parents, and other institutions. It also needs to support remote employees. The typical records that can be scanned include applications, identity documents, transcripts, educational records, registration forms, and more.

Add to that today’s critical concern of recording important immunizations and, for some schools, COVID testing. Today more than ever, moving everything online is a requirement for most colleges and universities.

Ease the transition back to school with fi Series document scanners 

Whether your organization will be starting the new school year 100% on campus or will offer hybrid e-learning, everything from student admissions to class assignments has to be processed efficiently. School administrators can take advantage of imaging solutions that speed up the process of student on-boarding, including integrating with records management systems.

Remember, too, that registration and admissions are not the only departments that can benefit from imaging solutions. By implementing scanners throughout the institution, you can make it easy to share documents between and among student services, admissions, human resources, purchasing, and financial aid.

As I recently pointed out in a webcast for educators, you can feel confident choosing fi Series document scanners, because they offer superior feeding performance and industry-leading image quality. To meet the unique needs of colleges and universities, we recommend several models, depending on specific needs and constraints.

Admissions, registration and reception

Admissions or registrar offices benefit from the fi-800R, a hard-working scanner that’s built for easy passport, hard card and ID scanning. It’s ideal for small spaces—just half the size of other scanners in its category. This one is perfect for reception areas, registration kiosks and busy admissions offices. Its front feeder with reverse document return is perfect for self-service scanning, allowing students and parents to scan their own documents. It also features a fully integrated document feeder that t can also handle larger batches of documents up to 20 sheets at a time.

Large campuses and branch campuses

The fi-7300NX and fi-7600 are modern scanner models that work well in distributed locations like large campuses or colleges with several branches. By using the built-in Wi-Fi capability, teachers and administrators can quickly scan from one location to another, no PC required. It comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen with user-defined job buttons, plus an ID card reader for fast authentication. This scanner is fast—up to 60 pages per minute!—and has the flexibility to scan various document sizes and thickness in a single batch.

We also recommend the fi-7600 production document scanner for large-volume scanning requirements. It has a large automatic document feeder with easy alignment guides, paper straightening technology, and a straight feeding path that protects your documents. It’s super easy to use and is appropriate for continuous high-volume scanning. This model can scan documents of various sizes, shapes, and formats, including thin paper, plastic IDs, envelopes and long page documents.

In addition, all of these models come with the popular PaperStream Capture Software, a full featured batch scanning application that includes the ability to create searchable PDF documents. It can also read barcodes and form fields to name files or index records. The scanner also includes PaperStream IP which provides best in class image enhancement that delivers the best image quality and accurate optical character recognition.

For desktop applications where performance matters

For institutions large or small, whenever space is at a premium, the fi-7160 document scanner provides unmatched performance and market-leading document imaging capabilities, with a compact footprint. This scanner is not only the top selling model in the industry, but also the one used most by higher learning institutions. It’s fast, reliable, and whisper quiet—ideal for when you don’t want a lot of distractions in the office. It’s remarkably easy to use, so staff won’t have to spend a lot of time training to use it effectively. It also has the same great scanning software line-up as the fi-800R and fi-7600 above, so you’ll be able to get scanning right away. The PaperStream IP TWAIN and ISIS drivers can be used with a wide variety of educational and content management applications. All three models also include PaperStream ClickScan, which is a new innovative scanning application that can be activated just by pressing the scan button on your unit. Regardless of which model you choose, you’ll get great performance. Back it up with our service and support and you’ve got a great solution.

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