Law Firms Go Digital the ScanSnap Way

Today’s law firms, like many professional services in the US, are responding to recent pandemic developments by re-configuring and downsizing office space as more employees and clients work remotely. Additionally, many counties are requiring electronic filing (e-filing) for most court submittals. Digitizing legal papers and forms plays a big part in successfully reshaping your firm’s workspace, and it supports e-filing requirements as well as e-discovery efforts that are becoming common throughout the industry. Look to invest in a high-quality, easy to use document management solution.

For instance, rules for the presentation of e-filings are not necessarily the same as for physical paper document filings. Law practices have to consider that filings may be read on a small screen, such as tablet or phone, and documents and photos must be as legible digitally as they are in original print. You can turn documents of all types into searchable, digital files to reclaim storage space and make it easier for clients and staff to access information through secure file management systems, such as eFileCabinet.

The key to these efforts is the support of a solid document scanning solution. Our latest models, the ScanSnap iX1600 and the ScanSnap iX1400, can help you in many ways. With speeds 33% faster than their predecessors, you’ll save time by quickly digitizing your files, minimizing manual data entry and improving workflow with optical character recognition (OCR) and integration with popular accounting and office management software.

Deviceless scanning speeds the process

The ScanSnap iX1600 makes it easy to be productive, with a large and intuitive 4.3” touch screen, automated image correction and ultra-sonic feed detection. And one of the best functions of this full-featured scanner is called deviceless scanning using Wi-Fi connectivity. This means that you do not need to open your computer or mobile device to coordinate where you want the scanned image to go. Instead, when you set up a profile on the scanner, you can simply indicate which cloud service you’d like to use. You also get ScanSnap Cloud with the iX1600, which works with popular services like Clio, NetDocs, Evernote, Dropbox and more.

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Keeping it simple

For a one-touch experience anyone can use, check out the ScanSnap iX1400. Scan with a single touch of the button, with no compromise on performance or image quality. This classic desktop model makes it easy to capture all sizes of documents, from narrow items like receipts and photo prints to longer legal sized documents.

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Fast, searchable and intelligent

Paralegals and other firm professionals spend a lot of time searching for and looking up information in legal documents. This used to mean going through physical files in file cabinets and personally reading through documents. Today, searching digitally speeds this process up exponentially. ScanSnap document scanners can also make your documents fully searchable, quickly and easily. You can do this by creating a profile that initiates OCR during the scanning process or you can use ScanSnap Home after documents have been scanned.

You’ll also be able to scan documents directly to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Imagine scanning a spreadsheet right into Excel! ScanSnap maintains the original document formatting while converting the image into an editable file.

In addition to these and other great features, both models are the fastest ScanSnap scanners ever, with a 33% speed boost from the previous generation.