Maximize your productivity with ScanSnap iX1600 and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Maximize your productivity with ScanSnap iX1600 and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

We’re proud to introduce the latest product bundle with our new ScanSnap iX1600 Deluxe that includes a one-year subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  With the iX1600 scanner, you get the best personal document scanner in the market.  Its small size, optional wireless connectivity, touch screen display, and intelligent processing make it the ideal solution for converting paper to PDF.  And although there’s a lot more to it, everything it does is fast, easy, and automatic.  That gives the user real productivity that allows them to do their job better and get more time on their hands.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Acrobat Pro DC is the perfect complement to the iX1600.  It has a lot of features but is fast and easy to use.  Just like ScanSnap, Adobe understands the features that users desire and implements them in their products in a way that makes all types of individuals satisfied from the casual user to the advanced expert.

Each product is great in its own right, but they’re even better together. Here are some of the ways that the two products combine to give personal and business users more value:

  • Scan documents to fillable forms.  It’s easy to create an automatic profile right on the touch-screen display of the iX1600 to scan documents directly to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.  You can scan a paper form and then make it fillable.  ScanSnap will capture a great image and make it fully searchable before the file is seamlessly sent over to Acrobat.  Once it’s there, Acrobat Pro DC will intelligently identify form fields and give the user a chance to add or change them.  Once the form design has been completed, it can be sent out via email to multiple users.  They can fill in the form on a computer or a device, even if they don’t have Adobe Reader. They can then return the form to the originator with just a few clicks.  The form responses can be easily tabulated using the tracker feature.  You can even export a report with all of the respondents and their answers.  Think of a recreational group that wants to survey its members.  It’s easy to set up and use.  No plug-ins are required.  Just use ScanSnap to bring those paper forms or surveys to life and Acrobat Pro DC and email will do the rest.
  • Scan, share and collaborate on documents. ScanSnap makes it easy to capture documents and send them into Acrobat Pro DC.  Its intelligent processing uses the right settings for page size, orientation, color, and duplex.  It uses image enhancement to bring out all of the fine details in each document.  Acrobat Pro DC can then send them out for viewing and collaboration.  You can track who’s downloaded and viewed each document.  Comments are easily tracked and a summary report can be generated to make reviews fast and easy.  You can also implement a variety of security features including passwords to protect confidential data.  This is great for any type of business collaboration including contracts.  You can store the documents in the Acrobat Document Cloud, send out links, and even set deadlines and reminders for reviews.  When you’re done sharing, you can disable the links easily.
  • Scan and send contracts out for signature.  Speaking of contracts, Acrobat Pro DC can send those scanned agreements out for signatures as well.  Take advantage of the iX1600’s fast 40PPM scanning speeds to quickly digitize contracts to searchable PDFs.  Add signature fields with Acrobat Pro DC and distribute them to email addresses without leaving the application.  Recipients can open, review, and sign on a computer or mobile device.  The Acrobat Document Cloud (DC) will store and track them.  You’ll know when they have been delivered, opened, signed, and returned. Think of a small business that needs to quickly send consent forms to their customers.  Just add an email address and the scanned agreement is sent.  It can then be reviewed and signed easily with no plug-ins or apps required.  All it takes is a few clicks to return it to the originator.
  • Compare any two documents.  Scan documents with ScanSnap and compare them with Acrobat Pro DC.  Think of a company that sends out a soft copy of an agreement for a traditional “wet” signature.  They can then scan the signed copy from the other party and compare it with a scanned original or PDF soft copy.  Acrobat Pro DC will compare both documents and prepare a report to show all changes.  This is a great way to make sure the agreement hasn’t been changed before counter-signing it.  For contact reviews, it’s easy to add comments next to each change, speeding up the review and negotiation process.

And these are just some of the features of each product.  Theres a whole lot more.  You get a lot of performance and functionality for a great price.  Purchased separately, these products would cost nearly $700.  The bundle brings that price down considerably and makes it the ultimate value.  This is a great scanner solution for all types of users from individuals to small businesses.  Dont miss your chance to save money, increase your productivity and free up more time.

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ScanSnap iX1600 Scanner Deluxe Model with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Part Numbers:                      CG01000-300201 White

                                             CG01000-300101 Black

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:       12 Month Subscription

MRP:                                       $469.99        

Availability:                            Available now