Meet our newest family member: the compact ScanSnap iX1300

We care about the needs and wants of our customers, and because of that, we have created a market-leading line of ScanSnap scanners that are known for ease, speed and reliability. You don’t have to be an IT expert to use one, as these scanners are easy to set up, and require no technical assistance or training. With a push of a simple button, you scan, save, and share with a speed that rivals professional scanners.   


As to reliability, all of our scanners have auto image correction that works behind the scenes, so you are always assured that your documents look correct on your first scan. Image clean-up capabilities include auto rotation, streak reduction, and color and size detection, as well as blank page removal, all of which ensures the accuracy of each and every scan.


These scanners also have robust feeding systems with great optics and intelligence that create pristine images reliably, so you don’t have to check everything you’re scanning—you’ll know it will be right the first time, page by page, character by character.


The iX1300: Compact yet innovative, powerful—and fast


The ScanSnap iX1300 is our newest model in this ScanSnap family and it is by far the most compact and flexible of all our auto feeding scanners. With an extremely small  footprint of 11.7”x 4.5” x 3.3”, it can easily be stored in tight spots, such as in a desk drawer or tucked under a monitor. But don’t let its slim size fool you—this powerhouse has uncompromised performance and it’s easier to use and faster than its predecessor.

The iX1300, which automatically powers up when opening the lid, can scan up to 30 pages per minute, which is astounding in its class. It can hold up to 20 sheets in the automatic document feeder (ADF), scanning both sides simultaneously.

However, when we say this scanner is fast, we mean more than just pages per minute. We are talking about the speed of your entire scanning experience, because with the iX1300, you get a fast-scanning process from beginning to end. For instance, not only are your documents scanned quickly, but thanks to the intelligence working behind the scene, they are also prepared for storing or sharing faster as well. The speed at which images are rendered, saved, named, stored and retrieved is simply unlike any other scanning experience.

As to connectivity, you have options—you can connect your scanner via a USB cable or, you can go to the next level of connectability and take advantage of its Wi-Fi capabilities. And like all of our Wi-Fi enabled ScanSnap scanners, the iX1300 connects to Mac, PC, iOS, Android and Chromebook devices.


Unique to ScanSnap, the iX1300 comes with multiple feeding options. You can use the automated U-turn path option in the top feeder for scanning a wide variety of content in a stack, such as documents, receipts, statements and the like. You can also use the return scan option on the bottom of the scanner, where you can manually feed in documents, pamphlets, folded content and plastic cards—including ultra-thick ones up to 2mm—one by one while multi-tasking at work or home.


When we say “compact”—we mean smaller than you can imagine!


Just a few more thoughts on size. I mentioned the compact size above, but the iX1300 is compact not only when it’s stored, but also when it’s in use. That’s because its operational footprint (the space it takes up during the scanning process) is complimentary to its actual stationary footprint (when it’s not in use).

This means the iX1300 is exceptionally smaller than a traditional desktop scanner that takes up a lot of real estate meaning this stout performer can be stationed practically anywhere. There is no need to leave room in the front or back of it like with typical desktop models, as when you use the ADF on the top, your papers will come out the same way you feed them in, thanks to the scanner’s internal U-turn path mechanism.

Last but not least—incomparable software inside

The intuitive ScanSnap Home software that is included can help you quickly and easily convert your documents into digital files you need. You can save them as PDFs, Searchable PDFs, or JPEGs—and then convert them to editable Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files if you ever need them to do more for you later.

You can also automatically organize content by document type and name the content automatically as well. Another automatic feature is data extraction, so you can search later by using details that you can remember easily, like the name on a business card or the vendor on a receipt.

Learn more today

I’ve only highlighted a few of the features that make the iX1300 a smart choice if you are looking for a compact, powerful scanner. To learn more:

Or if you are ready to purchase an iX1300, you can find it at our e-tailer partners found here.