The Digital Classroom is Quickly Becoming the Standard for Education

The Digital Classroom is Quickly Becoming the Standard for Education

We all know that the education space is changing rapidly, due in part to the push for global digital transformation. And with change, there are invariably new opportunities—as well as new challenges—to overcome.

As an educator, you may be back in the physical classroom, or you may still be teaching from home. In either case, you still need the best tools to digitize, organize, and share student documents across the education environment—from the front office to the classroom.

In particular, remote and hybrid learning models have driven the need for teachers, students and parents to be able to quickly and easily digitize school documents, paperwork, curriculum materials, homework, vaccination and health records, and more.

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Scanning can help make teachers’ jobs easier

Teachers work hard, which is why we’ve designed ScanSnap scanners to help them work smart too. From digitizing assignments for students to archiving tests and other classroom paperwork for easy access later, a ScanSnap scanner can help teachers digitize all sorts of educational materials with just the push of a button. Digital classroom materials can help increase teacher and student productivity, enhance assignments, and unlock more benefits of hybrid and online learning.

ScanSnap Connect now supports Chrome OS

Today, many people in the education field are using Chromebooks. With their reasonable price point and easy administration, Chromebooks are a welcome option for frustrated, underfunded school districts, as well as for teachers and students who need a computer at home. That’s why we’re excited to report that it’s fast and simple to scan to Chromebooks using your ScanSnap scanner and our ScanSnap Connect App.

With the ScanSnap Connect App you can:

  • Easily scan all types of documents, photos, receipts, school materials, and more.
  • Scan directly to your Chromebook from ScanSnap iX1600, iX1500, iX100, and iX500 scanners
  • Connect an iX1600 to your Chromebook via Wi-Fi Connection
  • Upload scans easily to Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive with ScanSnap SYNC

Embracing deviceless scanning

One of the most useful functions of the ScanSnap iX1600 is “deviceless scanning,” meaning you don’t need a computer or mobile device to scan straight to the cloud. This is great for connecting to classroom and learning management systems like Google Classroom, Kami, Microsoft OneDrive or Teams classroom, and more. You can even set up a profile to send the scanned file as an email attachment.

To learn more about how to scan easily to your Chromebook, check out this ScanHacks for ScanSnap video.

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