There’s One Computing Device You Might Have Missed

There’s One Computing Device You Might Have Missed

Your Transition to Working from Home Due to the COVID-19 Shelter in Mandate

No one could have ever have anticipated the impact COVID-19 would have worldwide let alone at a personal level. For those of us in the United States, the Coronavirus was something we watched unfold only to shock the world when we witnessed the measures countries had to undergo in order to take control of it.

But what was something we watched now is a reality impacting our day-to-day lives as our new normal is a shelter in mandate in the United States that appears to be continuing for some into the summer.

For those not accustomed to working from home, the novelty may be starting to wear off from the first few weeks where many were excited about jumping on a Zoom or WebEx meeting wearing professional attire from the waist up while secretly wearing our pajama bottoms or sweats.

As the shelter in mandate continues to last for a couple of months, it can be challenging to make the transition to working from home in a situation where you may be working in a small confined office or kitchen while some families are struggling to keep their kids from strangling each other who are out of school for the rest of the academic year.

While obvious that you need a computer, printer and Internet connectivity at home, have you considered a document and imaging scanner?  I’m not talking about scanners that are part of your inkjet printer, but a document imaging scanner that you can use to digitize your personal life and new found work at home life at a 30 or 40 or 60 page per minute speed and at an optical scanning quality that you need so you don’t have deal with the frustration of paper misfeeds or simple character letters like “I” or “i” or “1” coming out the same.

Here are some ways a document imaging scanner can help you make the transition as you work from home in the era of COVID-19.

Give Yourself a Home Makeover in 24 Hours

To stay focused in times like these, this is the time to spruce up your office while we’re asked to hunker down. Scientific research proves that decluttering helps to improve your attitude and health. So leveraging a document imaging scanner not only will help you turnaround your new work home environment into one that is productive but will also help your mental health and attitude.

Try to Get Into a Daily Routine

Just as you would prior, try to keep to a consistent schedule and time you would normally follow. Keep to your routine for when you eat your breakfast, lunch or dinners. Schedule your personal time to get in exercise or meditate. With families home together during the shelter in, you can schedule a “child care” routine or enlist your older kids to help out. And more importantly, keep to your normal times for when you wake up in the morning and go to bed as it is easy to lose track of time especially when watching Netflix.

Get Your 2020 Taxes In Order

Thank goodness for the IRS extending tax filing this year. But now that we’re stuck at home, we have the opportunity to get our personal and business finances in order. A document imaging scanner can get you organized in a jiffy.

 Kids Craft Clutter (I mean artwork 😉) piling up at home?

Time to save the sentiment of your kids crafts by digitizing their work. Scan it and archive it because we know that every day that passes while the shelter in mandate is enforced your kids are producing a ton of cool artwork that is piling up in your office, living room or kitchen.

Teachers or Professors Needing to Digitize Course Curriculum

For those in K-12 and higher education, I get it having worked at Santa Clara University. Digitizing our course curriculum isn’t easy especially when we have textbooks and magazine articles or homework that we originally wanted passed out to our students in paper. Scanners can make our lives easier. Who wants to deal with odd sized textbooks with a flap cover on an inkjet printer when your school and you can benefit from one of these. If Watercolour World can trust this scanner with valuable, fine art, then we should be able to trust our curriculum as our future generation value is priceless.

So don’t discount the need for a quality document and imaging scanning device. We can all use a little peace of mind in order to stay focused and productive during the shelter in mandate.