Upgrade Your ScanSnap iX500 Document Scanner - 7 Reasons To Upgrade To ScanSnap iX1500

Upgrade Your iX500 Document Scanner to the Latest & Enhanced ScanSnap iX1500

With the new year comes a fresh start and a perfect time for improvement. If you’ve been a life-long fan of the ScanSnap iX500, why not consider treating yourself to an upgrade in 2020 with our latest ScanSnap iX1500?

Stuck in old ways? With faster and easier scanning and one-touch technology, it may help to know that the newer iX1500 model exceeds its predecessor in just about every way, bringing ScanSnap to a brand new age!

Still need more convincing? Check out key differentiators below that make the ScanSnap iX1500 totally worthwhile:

#1. Control everything on the touch panel

The ScanSnap iX1500 has a one-touch panel - making buttons a thing of the past! The 4x3 display is something unique to the iX1500 that the iX500 does not have. This means that users can control everything without buttons! They can choose where they want to save/send the scanned data and simply press “Scan” to start.

#2. Wireless scanning

Scanning without the use of a PC is also possible! The wireless connection is also a new benefit of the iX1500, now having 2.4/5GHz (from just 2.4 GHz), allowing a more stable and powerful connection. This upgrade is the perfect way to make scanning easier, without even pushing a button!

#3. Organize your scanning in one centralized place

With the iX1500, ScanSnap Home is the only software you need! You can save and organize all of your scanning in one place, simply and conveniently. With easier installation than ever before, the new software in the iX1500 is a central hub for all your scanning and organizational needs, especially with its automatic sorting and organization feature, while still reaping all of the benefits, satisfaction and features customers expect from ScanSnap. Goodbye to multiple software products and hello to one efficient, easy to use all-in-one powerhouse!

#4.  Share the scanner with different users

The iX1500 scanner also allows up to 5 unique users, which makes sharing the scanner with family or office members easier than ever before. This feature is an upgrade from the iX500, allowing the whole family access and personal use of the device!

#5. Quick and easy start up

Taking only 5 seconds to power up (compared to 9-17 seconds on the iX500), the new unit allows you to connect faster to the ScanSnap Cloud. You can also scan seamlessly to ScanSnap cloud partners, including Evernote, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive and more!

#6. Simple paper feeding - Say goodbye to carrier sheets         

Out with the old, in with the new! Unlike the iX500, the iX1500 requires no carrier sheet. This aids in faster prep time making scanning quicker than ever before. Another benefit of no carrier sheet is the iX1500 now supports stitching front to back into one image. With the new ADF having a chute with a removable receipt guide (another upgrade), there is a more accurate feeding into and out of the scanner. The best part? The receipt guide easily folds up with the lid, folding out of the way until its needed

#7. Get things done faster

With an increased speed of 30 ppm (from 25 ppm) the iX1500 scans more pages per minute, making it quick and efficient. Scan more per day effortlessly and conveniently with this upgrade! Faster scanning leaves you more time in the day to do activities or work, which will aid in your overall productivity.

So, are you ready to upgrade yet? We also have several tutorial videos in case you are wondering about the benefits and features the iX1500 offers. Also, this infographic is a great comparison between the two models.

With ScanSnap, you’ll have more free time to do other activities, less clutter on your desk and in your home, and peace of mind knowing your documents are scanned safely and securely! If you currently have an iX500, you can trust that the iX1500 is just as dependable and even better! Let us know what you think in the comments!