New name.

Business as usual.

Fujitsu Document Scanners are now Ricoh Document Scanners.

A Ricoh fi-8170 scanner

For years, we’ve pushed the industry forward with our innovative products.

As Ricoh Document Scanners, we will deliver the same quality products and services you've come to expect.

Nothing is changing but the name.

The Leader in Document Scanners

  • Customer-centric Innovation
  • Unmatched Performance and Quality
  • Dedicated US-based Customer Support

Our legacy of innovative solutions and service continues.

  • Image Quality

    Industry-leading capture and built-in software deliver optimal images for more usable data.

  • Document Handling

    Advanced paper handling capabilities reduce paper jams, resulting in uninterrupted workflows.

  • Dependability

    Built-to-last design and top-rated customer service your team can count on.

Expect the same level of excellence.

Ricoh's fi-8170 scanner'

As market-leading document scanners, why change a good thing? That’s why our R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and service will remain exactly as it is.

You can expect us to continue delivering powerful document scanning with cloud-enabled, cutting-edge solutions to help you digitize your operations.

Fujitsu Now Ricoh