Customer Story

BTCO increases operational efficiencies and lowers costs

Each year, document and data management services turn millions of paper pages and aging microfiche files into digitized documents indexed with data entry. Scanners are essential for getting these documents into an organized and consistent format—so their customers can efficiently store, search for, and access the information.

Business Needs

BTCO (Business Technology Career Opportunities, Inc.) got its start by providing white-collar employment for people with disabilities. Beginning with a large and successful contract with the U.S. Department of Commerce for the 2000 Census, BTCO built a thriving business that today focuses on imaging and precise-tolerance plot printing. The company’s clients include a broad range of federal, municipal, and commercial customers, including the U.S. Air Force and government agencies in its home state of Kansas.

Over the years, BTCO has seen its technology needs change in response to customer demands. With early customers such as the Census Bureau and its Census 2000 Image Archiving project, BTCO took information and converted it to microfiche. Today, the process is reversed, as the company works annually with tens of millions of paper pages and aging microfiche files, turning them into digitized documents indexed with data entry that customers can store, search through, and access faster and more efficiently than hard-copy documents.

As the company’s business continued to grow, using various scanning devices for their low- and mid-volume projects had an impact on efficiency. They were looking to standardize their scanning hardware in order to streamline production, save time on production, and take on more business.

The fi Series scanners blew the Canon scanners out of the water with regard to the hardware’s performance and PaperStream image-processing technology.

Rich Stinnett President, BTCO


BTCO analyzed and researched scanning hardware. They spoke with peers in the industry. And then they conducted a test in a lab environment with three scanners, comparing a fi Series production scanner with two Canon models processing their typical, heavy workload.

Based on the results of the lab comparison, BTCO decided to standardize on the fi Series production scanners and PaperStream IP technology. The business benefits included greater speed and production capacity, streamlined management, and increased confidence from customers. By using fi Series scanners, BTCO not only met but exceeded customer expectations—with a substantially higher throughput rate.

Powerful image correction for exceptionally clean images.

BTCO uses PaperStream IP to save time and money by reducing rescans and decreasing the time needed to set up scanning profiles, which now takes just seconds. PaperStream IP technology is scanning-driver software included with commercial-grade fi Series scanners. It integrates advanced image processing to enhance standard TWAIN and ISIS applications, without any need to change or modify any software.

PaperStream IP Technology includes:

  • A simplified way to share and organize documents
  • Software license for multiple users on a single unit