Digitized records for optimized customer care


Digitized Records For Optimized Customer Care

Today’s pharmacies not only fill prescriptions, they also provide flu and other needed vaccinations. They’re tasked with gathering patient information and keeping easy-to-access records of it. And, more importantly, they must also protect their customers and employees from unseen threats like fraud and germs—even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our market-leading document scanning solutions enable pharmacies to convert paper documents into electronic records—and use that data to speed up insurance billing, vaccination registrations, patient identification, and more. There are even scanners that reduce the contact between pharmacy staff and customers.

By digitizing paper and manual processes, accuracy is greatly improved and turnaround times are faster—with customers in and out of pharmacies more quickly. And where there’s an efficient pharmacy, there are satisfied customers.

Smart scanning you can count on

Local pharmacies and pop-up clinics don’t have an IT staff standing by to maintain or repair malfunctioning scanning equipment. That’s why Ricoh document scanners are so pervasive among pharmacies. They’re easy to operate, reliable, and they last. Using high-quality Ricoh document scanning solutions, pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy assistants are able to:

  • Scan prescriptions, insurance cards, ID cards, etc.—directly into an EMS for access by other pharmacies in a national chain, if needed
  • Accelerate insurance billing for quicker payment
  • Help reduce fraud by capturing confidential information digitally from a centralized point
  • Produce exceptionally clean images—even of hard-to-capture items like handwritten prescriptions
  • Improve the accuracy of record keeping—reducing duplications, misfiling, or loss
  • Maintain records that show compliance with regulations at state and federal levels
  • Free up space for retail purposes used by filing cabinets or stored documents

Scale the solution to fit your needs

Ricoh provides pharmacies with easy-to-use digital-document automation technology for swift and accurate data capture through scalable and adaptable solutions. To meet the unique needs of your clinic, store, or pharmacy, we recommend the following models:


An ultra-compact scanner that fits into tight spaces and doesn’t occupy valuable floor space

  • Save space with its ultra-compact footprint, 30% smaller than the category—perfect for behind the counter
  • Work seamlessly with your existing pharmacy management software—it’s TWAIN compliant
  • Operate it easily—its front-feeder scans hard cards quickly and returns them to the customer
  • Help employees stay safe during COVID-19—customers scan their own cards so your pharmacy staff has no contact with documentation


The world's best-selling scanner just got better

  • Proprietary Clear Image Capture (CIC) technology
  • Fast, double-sided scanning of up to 70 pages per minute
  • Prevents paper jams through a combination of sound and image detection


Perfect for distributed placement, can be placed untethered anywhere—in pharmacies, offices, and more

  • Scan without a PC via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Share documents easily with the main office, HQ, or other locations
  • Scan invoices quickly and get them into the proper accounting workflow
  • Enable various authentication methods for improved efficiency and security
  • Reduce IT costs to manage and update scanner fleets
  • Reduce operation costs with centralized scanner management
  • Review scanned images via touch screen for a quick quality check
  • Protect scans from jamming with the Paper Protection function—which detects anomalies in document feeding and sound
  • Clean up complex documents with no profile adjustments using powerful PaperStream IP software
fi-7300NX Document Scanner