High Quality Scanners For Higher Education

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High Quality Scanners For Higher Education

For educational institutions that need to facilitate student enrollment and transfers, our industry-leading document scanning solutions provide the most efficient way to digitize, organize and share enrollment and financial aid documents.

Whether colleges and universities begin this new school year on campus or continue e-learning, they’ll need to process everything from student admissions to class assignments more efficiently. Ricoh document scanners provide a quick and easy way to digitize, organize, and share documents across the higher education environment.

Get every department up to speed

Ricoh document scanners help institutions stay organized, from the admissions office to the lecture hall.

  • Quickly and easily scan and digitize documents for easy upload to a student information system, document management system, or cloud repository
  • Register international students fast—the fi-800R model can scan passports, no cover required
  • Establish distributed scanning for paper-heavy departments, and easily share documents between student services, admissions, and financial aid
  • Produce exceptionally clean images—better than the original
  • Compress digital file size while eliminating paper storage space requirements
  • Maintain an organized and productive work space

Choose in the office, remote, or distributed scanning on campus

Ricoh document scanners provide superior feeding performance, industry-leading image quality, and operational ease-of-use to ensure scanning projects go smoothly and quickly to get the most important part of a document—the data. To meet the unique needs of colleges and universities, we recommend the following models—whether you’re using a scanner in the admissions office or across campus.


Easy passport, hard card, and ID scanning

  • Ultra-compact footprint–half the size of other scanners in its category; perfect for reception areas, registration kiosks, busy admissions offices
  • Two ways to feed paper:
    • ADF tray holds 20 sheets at a time, perfect for batch scanning
    • Reverse path–flawlessly scans hard cards, IDs, and passports
  • Stable connectivity–USB 3.2, 2.0 compatible


Distributed scanning across university campus

  • Large 4.3 touchscreen with user-defined job buttons
  • Fast–scans 60 ppm
  • Scans all types of document sizes and thickness in one batch
  • Wi-Fi enabled–for PC-less scanning
  • Centralized scanner management
  • User authentication
  • Connectors to popular cloud destinations and software applications
fi-7300NX Document Scanner

PaperStream Capture Software

Advanced imaging software for accurate OCR

  • PaperStream IP TWAIN driver provides advanced image processing; document images turn out better than the original
  • Predefined profiles make it easy to start scanning—no complex configuration required
  • Tag meta data to automatically name files and create folders; for example, student name, birthday, ID number