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Industry-Leading Scanners Equipped To Go Where Patients Are

Long-Term Healthcare

Industry-Leading Scanners Equipped To Go Where Patients Are

Ricoh’s industry-leading document scanning solutions are designed to make end-to-end scanning faster and more intuitive—in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, and in-home hospice—so less time is spent processing paperwork and more time is spent caring for others.

Small-footprint Ricoh scanners are built for tight spaces, so they can efficiently digitize, organize, and share information as needed, consistently and effectively, anywhere, anytime. They protect confidentiality at the point of capture, and securely store and organize data for easy reference in the future, improving the quality of care for patients, clients, and residents. 

High-quality fi Series scanners are needed now more than ever


Amount of mistakes made in the healthcare industry that are administrative1

3 out of 10

Number of tests reordered because the results can’t be found1

Up to17sf

Amount of valuable floor space taken up by each filing cabinet2


Amount of survey takers who can’t find the most recent version of a paper document most or all of the time3

High-quality scanners for high-quality care

fi Series scanners make it easy to accurately capture data in myriad settings—in rehab centers or walk-in clinics, for follow-up care or physical therapy. They help you:

  • Improve the speed of document processing, billing, and patient release forms
  • Improve the accuracy of patient records—reducing duplication, misfiling, and loss
  • Provide quick availability of patient data for decision-making in care
  • Quickly provide medical records upon request to meet compliance, and share with other medical professionals, specialists, lab assistants, etc.
  • Produce exceptionally clean images—better than the original
  • Remove physical storage, making office space available for other purposes
  • Maintain an organized and productive work space
  • Bridge the gap between EMRs and other sources of patient information so everything is integrated in one place

What we recommend for healthcare environments

For physical therapists to registered nurses, for quiet residences to busy facilities—anywhere documents need to be quickly digitized—fi Series scanners are designed to fit your environment and unique needs.


An ultra-compact scanner that scans all types of documents including hard cards

  • Half the size of other scanners in its category—perfect for busy facilities, mobile work stations, or personal residences
  • Two ways to feed paper:
    • Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) tray holds 20 sheets at a time—perfect for batch scanning
    • Reverse path—flawlessly scans hard cards, IDs, and passports
  • Paper feeding is reliable with Automatic Skew Correction and Active Separation technologies

PaperStream Capture Pro

Advanced imaging software for accurate OCR

  • PaperStream IP TWAIN driver provides advanced image processing—document images turn out better than the original
  • Predefined profiles make it easy to start scanning—no complex configuration required
  • Metadata can be tagged for automatic naming of files and folders, such as “student name,” “birth date,” and “medical ID number”