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Industry-Leading Scanners That Simplify Digitization


Industry-Leading Scanners That Simplify Digitization

Manufacturers large and small often face similar challenges: sharing mountains of paperwork across an expansive network or facility, mining data using outdated systems, and accurately managing their supply chain. To remain competitive, it’s critical to embrace technology—from the factory floor to the back office.

Our market-leading scanning solutions enable quick and accurate digitization of paper documents—so human errors are reduced, essential data is readily accessible, and inventory is accounted for.

High-quality Ricoh scanners are needed now more than ever


Ratio of manufactured goods per all U.S. exported merchandise1


Number of manufacturing jobs in the U.S.2

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Amount of valuable floor space taken up by each filing cabinet3


Ratio of survey takers who can’t find the most recent version of a paper document most or all of the time4

Better systems through digitized records

With swift and accurate data capture through scalable and adaptable solutions, everyone from facilities managers to warehouse personnel, from shipping to receiving, are able to:

  • Improve the speed of processing invoices, purchase orders, shipping documents, and more
  • Eliminate processes that were once manual and prone to human error
  • Improve the accuracy of record-keeping
  • Reduce duplication, misfiling, and loss of records
  • Access data quickly for business intelligence and decision-making
  • Produce exceptionally clean images—better than the original
  • Remove physical storage of documentation—making office space available for other purposes

Streamline operations and product lines— and even go green

Digitizing documents can speed up manufacturing business processes, hasten incoming and outgoing payments, and simplify tracking inventory of goods. To meet the unique needs of your manufacturing operation, we recommend the following models—whether you’re using a scanner in a front office or a warehouse.


An ultra-compact scanner that fits into tight spaces

  • Eliminate the need for multiple scanning devices—this scanner has a U-turn feeder and removable paper exit tray
  • Feed paper two ways:
    • ADF tray holds 20 sheets at a time—perfect for batch scanning
    • Reverse path—flawlessly scans work orders and shipping documents
  • Reduce misfeeds and skewed images with Active Skew Correction so the scan operator is more efficient—an industry first!
  • Scan purchase orders faster than competitive scanners—requires no carrier sheet
  • Powerful PaperStream IP software included—for radically clean images and better OCR performance


Perfect for distributed placement, the fi-7300NX can be placed untethered anywhere in an office or warehouse—even at a loading dock

  • Scan without a PC via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Share documents easily with the main office, HQ, or other locations
  • Scan invoices quickly and get them into the proper accounting workflow
  • Enable various authentication methods for improved efficiency and security
  • Reduce IT costs to manage and update scanner fleets
  • Reduce operation costs with centralized scanner management
  • Review scanned images via touch screen for a quick quality check
  • Protect scans from jamming with the Paper Protection function—which detects anomalies in document feeding and sound
  • Powerful PaperStream IP software cleans up complex documents with no profile adjustments
fi-7300NX Document Scanner


For back office and centralized scanning locations, the fi-7600 continuously scans a large volume of documents reliably all day long

  • Load up to 300 sheets at a time
  • Scan fast—up to 100 ppm means you get more done in less time
  • Feed papers for scanning of various thickness and size—this scanner can handle it
  • Superior paper-feeding technologies reduce paper jams and scanner downtime
  • Powerful PaperStream IP software automatically cleans up color documents for improved reproduction and reduced file sizes