PFU America, Inc. Expands FADGI Compliant Document Scanner Lineup

RICOH fi-8900 series scanners now meet three-star FADGI compliance levels for integrity and quality throughout the scanning and capture process

PFU America, Inc.

Santa Clara, CA , April 05, 2024

PFU America, Inc., the U.S.-based subsidiary of PFU Limited, a Ricoh company, and the leader in document scanning solutions, today announced it has expanded its Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) compliant scanner bundles to include the RICOH fi-8950 and fi-8930 models. The two fi-8900 series models, which were announced in January, join the RICOH fi-7600, fi-7700, fi-7800, and fi-7900 document scanners as three-star FADGI compliant. The scanners are included in PFU America, Inc.’s FADGI Scanner Bundles, which consist of one RICOH fi-series scanner; one year of ScanCare™ service; calibration software; and test target, installation, training, and PaperStream® Capture software to help federal agencies meet FADGI three-star requirements.

FADGI is a collaborative effort between U.S. federal agencies and independent agencies designed to create a set of standards and guidelines for digitizing cultural heritage materials. These requirements will be mandated for all government permanent records submitted to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) starting June 5, 2024. FADGI standards apply to still image materials, including textual content, maps, and photographic prints, as well as AV collections.

"As one of the first organizations to offer FADGI compliant document scanners, we understand the challenges our federal agency customers face in meeting the June 2024 deadline,” said Daisuke Kutsuwada, President and CEO, PFU America, Inc. “We are proud to expand our FADGI compliant scanner bundles to include the new fi-8900 series, which boasts a next-gen image processing engine and Clear Image Capture for high resolution and unparalleled image quality. Our unique scanner bundles provide a holistic, turnkey, and cost-efficient solution that ensures the high image quality and integrity required by FADGI and NARA."

The recently announced fi-8950 and fi-8930 models are highly durable with the ability to manage daily scans up to 130,000 sheets. Other innovative new features integrated into the Ethernet-compatible document scanners include:

  • A Dual Path Mechanism features high-speed U-turn scanning. At the flip of a switch, the operator can transition to Straight Path scanning for thick documents, such as cardstock or cardboard envelopes, up to 1.25mm thick. Manual Feed Mode allows single sheets or envelopes to scan with ease.
  • Stapled Documents Detection works to prevent stapled documents from being scanned. This groundbreaking, patent-pending technology features a sensor that detects abnormal lifting of documents and stops stapled documents before damage occurs—even in batch scanning where staples are easily overlooked.
  • Intelligent Multi-Feed Function prevents multi-feeds while allowing automatic by-pass of sticky notes and taped-on receipts.
  • Advanced Software Support maximizes efficiency by supporting easier batch scanning and enhanced OCR via PaperStream IP, while PaperStream Capture automates scan processes. Automated features that facilitate streamlined batch scanning and an enhanced operator experience include Automatic Separation Control and Blank Page Removal.
  • Paper Ejection Control features proprietary technology controls to the output of all documents, including folded or curled documents, preventing paper jams at feeding, and delivering neat stacks of scanned sheets, making it easy for operators to focus on their scanning tasks, improving handling and workflow.

The fi-8950 and fi-8930 FADGI Scanner Bundles are available now and are priced at $15,860 and $20,850, respectively. All scanners are tested for FADGI compliance before shipping. RICOH also provides on-site installation, training, and support during the onboarding process. For more information on RICOH’s FADGI-compliant product bundles, please visit

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 PFU America, Inc. is the U.S.-based subsidiary of PFU Limited and the leader in document scanning solutions.

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Date: April 05, 2024
City: Santa Clara, CA
Company: PFU America, Inc.