11x17 Scanners: How to Find the Best Large Format Scanner for You

11x17 Scanners: How to Find the Best Large Format Scanner for You

Information comes in all shapes and sizes, and an 11x17 scanner will expand your digitization options.

A document scanner is an essential bridge between physical documents and digital data, but not all the information you need will be contained on letter-sized sheets of paper. Fortunately, a double-letter 11x17 scanner (measured in inches) can digitize large-format documents with ease without bending, folding, or cutting the documents to fit the scanner.

Investing in an 11x17 scanner is an important decision for a business environment, and it comes along with many factors to weigh before you decide which one is right for you. This article will provide a comprehensive rundown of what you need to know as you search, and will also provide our own recommendation to consider.


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What is an 11x17 scanner?

An 11x17 scanner is a standalone document digitization device designed to accept and digitize double-letter sized sheets as part of its regular duties. Also referred to as tabloid or ledger sized, a double-letter can be cut in half to create two standard letter-sized sheets of paper, or folded on its long side and stapled together to create the pages of a letter-sized brochure. Tabloid sheets are also used for other assorted purposes where larger documents size are desired.

What are the benefits of an 11x17 scanner?

Double letter sheets are too large to fit into letter-sized document scanners, but a 11x17 scanner is perfectly suited to the task. Just as important, well-designed 11x17 scanners can also tackle smaller documents via adjustable guides. They can be equally effective for digitizing letter documents, business cards, or anything in between. Their specialized components and larger size mean 11x17 scanners tend to be more expensive than their smaller counterparts, but that premium price also comes with superior versatility.

Key features to look for in an 11x17 scanner

Fast, reliable document feeding and exit stacking

Just because you're digitizing bigger documents doesn't mean you need to lower your expectations for how efficiently a scanner can work through a stack of papers. The ideal 11x17 scanner with document feeder will let you get as close to “set it and forget it” as possible. A built-in skew reducer should prevent misaligned documents from getting the rest of the stack off track, and speed-regulated exit stacking should leave an orderly pile of paper at the end of the process.

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Duplex scanning to save time and effort

The value of high-speed scanning is limited if you have to go back in and flip all the pages over to capture all their pertinent info, especially if it introduces extra headaches for ordering and collating the right pages together. Looking for an 11x17 scanner that supports duplex scanning — that is, scanning both sides of a document simultaneously — will give your processes a speed boost.

Built-in features to protect important papers

Important documents come in all sizes, and you should be able to rest easy knowing that your scanner will work to protect them just as hard as you do. Automated paper protector features should stop quickly on common jams such as misaligned papers or stapled sheets, protecting documents from damage.

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Versatile and high-resolution scanning

A built-in manual mode should make it easy to scan thicker documents like envelopes or folders. On top of that, the best 11x17 scanner for your needs will also be able to handle mixed-size batches with minimal fuss, making the most of the machine's broader dimensions. Whatever you're scanning, high-resolution cameras should be able to capture every pertinent detail on the first pass.

A compact footprint to fit in any setting

There's no getting around the fact that an 11x17 scanner will take up more space than a letter-sized document scanner. However, thoughtful design can minimize the footprint so it's still easy to fit on a desk or wherever it is needed. It is always a good idea to measure the space you can set aside for a scanner and compare that to the listed dimensions before you make a purchase.

Stress-free and fast maintenance

Given the essential role a versatile document scanner serves in an office, your 11x17 scanner of choice should be easily maintained. Cleaning should be simple with a wide access and consumables should be easy to replace. The manufacturer should stand behind its product if more substantial repairs are needed through warranty and service contracts.

Helpful and powerful software

Bundled software should help with every stage of the digitization process: from cleaning up the initial image data to leave artifact-free recreations, to supporting OCR features, to offering pre-set selections for document type and quality, to manage an entire fleet of devices if you have other scanners on the premises.

Our recommendation: fi-7480 document scanner

Those in the market for an 11x17 scanner have no shortage of options. We take great pride in having spent the last 50+ years researching, designing and developing some of the most advanced and powerful electronics in the world, including our production grade fi Series scanners.

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In our opinion, the best 11x17 scanner is the fi-7480. This scanner has a fast startup time and 100-page automatic document feeder to make quick work of big stacks of documents, and its range of sensors even allow it to work through mixed document sizes and stack them up neatly when they're done. Click here to learn more or shop the rest of our production scanner line.