5 Ways Digitalization in Manufacturing Improves Operations

Move at the speed of Industry 4.0 with a fully digitized manufacturing pipeline

Consumer demands seem to grow while production timetables and budgets shrink. As a result, manufacturers must learn to adapt to an evolving landscape. Businesses are leaning on automation, Internet-of-Things, and more to meet these challenges head-on. These technologies are powering the future of manufacturing, also known as Industry 4.0.

Digitalization — transforming analog tools and workflows into digital ones — lies at the core of this new future. Here’s how to unlock the many benefits of this new revolution through digitalization in manufacturing.

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5 ways digitalization in manufacturing improves operations

#1 Digital manifests increase accuracy in inventory management

Manifests provide accurate descriptions of transported inventory. Manufacturing businesses, in particular, need to account for expensive equipment or hazardous materials. Yet, relying on paper manifests means verifying shipments by hand. Manual verification is time-consuming. It is also susceptible to waste and fraud.

Digitizing these manifests allows businesses to automate inventory management. This automation can increase the accuracy of delivery while reducing the time to process. Reporting can also be much more effective, making verification and compliance checks easier.

#2 Electronic proof of delivery streamlines logistics

Organizations must ensure that all shipments are tracked and accounted for. Missing shipments can result in lost revenue and delayed production timetables. Collecting proof of delivery ensures a record exists in case a dispute arises.

Yet, paper proof of delivery documents are easy to lose. They are also difficult to incorporate with the real-time tracking systems that many businesses have come to expect.

As a result, many businesses have transitioned to electronic proof of delivery systems. These systems automate the collection and storage of proof of delivery signatures. Once collected, data is uploaded to central networks for record keeping.

Electronic proof of delivery can reduce the cost of creating and filing these physical documents. These tools also reduce paper waste. Businesses can also get a more accurate representation of what items have been delivered and when to minimize errors in invoicing.

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#3 Digital invoicing ensures your business gets paid

Managing invoices is already a difficult task. Organizations must ensure the correct accounts receive their invoices. They must then process payments while keeping tabs on delinquent accounts. Companies must also organize these documents for numerous accounts. It’s easy to see how paper invoicing becomes challenging at scale.

Digital invoicing enables businesses to reduce processing times and human error. Companies can email invoices to customers rather than rely on slow postal times. They can receive payments instantly and get insight into digital documentation. And if your customers still need paper invoices, scanners can make it easy to digitize and store this documentation in a centralized location — without all the clutter.

#4 Digital employment applications can make recruitment easier

Finding the right talent is difficult. Doubly so for manufacturing, where employees must often have specialized training, licenses, and certifications to operate heavy machinery. Hiring departments must pick out potential interviewees from thousands of options. Even with an eagle eye, there’s a good chance that qualified candidates will slip through the cracks.

Digitizing employment applications can make the hiring process simpler and more accessible. Doing so enables your business to gather resumes from anyone in the world. Human resources can easily filter applicant submissions by education, skills, or other attributes. That way, they can minimize the time needed to find the most qualified applicants and reach out to set up an interview. Digitalization can help you find a great candidate for the job, no matter where they’re from.

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#5 Digital accounting processes can maximize revenue

Every manufacturing business wants to decrease costs while increasing revenue. But just-in-time manufacturing processes mean optimization is crucial. Instant access to financial information is necessary when businesses adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. Digitizing accounting processes can help companies forecast budgetary needs more accurately. Accounting departments can also generate reports faster, provide more accurate tax filings, and identify shortfalls with reduced administrative workloads.

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