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At ScanSnap, we believe that digital transformation is pretty straightforward: When paper-based data is digitized and sent to the cloud, it works harder for you and your business because it’s easier to find, analyze, and share.

Every scanner in our ScanSnap family is designed to help you begin your digital transformation journey, and to make it as easy as possible along the way.

ScanSnap iX1600

Scan straight to the cloud.

Part of digital transformation is making connecting and collaborating as easy as possible. Our flagship iX1600 gets documents digitized, organized, and sent to wherever, whenever – with minimal effort.

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ScanSnap iX1400

Simple meets sophisticated.

Digital transformation doesn't need to be complicated. That's where the iX1400 comes in, which can scan documents quickly and reliably day after day, with just one touch of a button.

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ScanSnap iX1300

Small Scanner. Big performance.

The all new iX1300 is the ultimate scanner for those who want to save on space but not skimp on features. Simple to set up and operate, it can do the work of larger scanners without taking up precious desk space.

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ScanSnap iX100

Portable performance beyond your desktop.

Wherever your digital transformation journey takes you, the completely wireless, compact, and battery-powered iX100 is ready to be your perfect traveling companion.

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ScanSnap S1300i

A small scanner that thinks big.

Today, business can happen anywhere, at any time. The portable but powerful S1300i ensures you are ready to quickly digitize anything work throws at you, no matter where you are.

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ScanSnap SV600

Scanning without boundaries.

Digital transformation isn't always about scanning typical documents. Sometimes, you need to digitize larger pieces, artwork, delicate manuscripts, and more. The SV600 provides high quality, contactless scans for nearly every kind of item.

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