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State & Local Government

Improve efficiency with secure, accurate imaging solutions

Ensure personal information stays secure

From the DMV to local courts, secure management of citizens' information is of utmost importance. Our imaging solutions help you organize, share, and store important data securely.

Accurately capture and organize data

Our best-in-class image cleanup technology makes images even clearer than the originals, so its easy to extract data. And with our industry-leading software, you can automatically name files based on personal information such as drivers license number, name, or date of birth.

Keep critical data close at hand

Easily maintain secure records and quickly share them upon request. With our imaging solutions, all the data you need from ID validation to legal files is at your fingertips.

Share intelligence effortlessly

Our imaging solutions integrate with popular applications, so its easy to share data across any department or off-site facility.

Customer Story

City of Dunedin, Florida

City saves big on storage costs with digital transformation

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It was an 'Ah Ha' moment. The MFPs were great at printing and the image quality was fine, but it took too long to scan in duplex, deal with skews, correct jams, and feed thick documents. Scanners were the better solution for scanning. The fi Series scanners just worked.

Gary Leaf, Chief Information Officer King County Housing Authority

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