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Amarillo ISD

Customer Story

Amarillo ISD turns a 100-year paper backlog into digitized history

Amarillo ISD

The first public school opened its doors in Amarillo in 1889, founded by American pioneers who traveled there by horse and wagon on buckboards. Today, Amarillo ISD (Independent School District) is a forward-thinking, innovative district with 54 schools and 32,000+ students. Facing a Texas state mandate to retain academic records indefinitely for grades 9-12, they turned to fi Series workgroup scanners for help with digitizing a mountain of records.

Administrative need

For Amarillo ISO and other school districts around the country, retaining student records often goes beyond protocol--it's state law. Paper storage can also be an issue. And efficiently accessing the information in hard copy becomes increasingly difficult as papers continue to pile up year over year.

Amarillo ISO needed to digitize and archive all of the records in their district offices—some dating back as far as 1905, the sum total of it filling several rooms. Micah Matlock, at that time the Systems Analyst and Laserfiche Manager of Education Support in the district support center, stepped in to oversee a scanning project that would change everything: a digitization transformation with content management and process automation.

School District Stats




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Scanners used


In 2017, the district purchased a fleet of scanners for the job: 154 fi Series workgroup scanners. Compact and durable, the scanners have fast scanning speeds and PaperStream IP image cleanup software that accurately captures even handwritten information. To save digital storage space, the scanners were set to scan black and white at 200 dpi. The scanners feature several paper-feeding technologies that ensure accurate feeding, reduce paper jams, and provide protection for historical documents that are old and fragile.

With 30 temporary and two permanent employees at the helm, the project was tackled in under three months. And the reduction of physical records opened up so much space, the district support center was able to create one meeting room and two additional offices.

Once the initial project was completed, the district dispatched the scanners to the administration offices and support centers of its schools-to be used by campus administrators, health clerks, and other support staff. Five years later, these scanners are still humming along.

Records requests used to take days to weeks. Now we handle them in real time.

Joel Olson Current Systems Analyst and Laserfiche Manager, Education Support, Amarillo Independent School District

Now Amarillo ISD is able to:

Respond to records requests in real time

Quickly digitize important documents to store in perpetuity

Scan to Laserfiche, email, designated folders, and more

Open up office space for multipurpose use


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Amarillo ISO maintains their scanners, hassle-free

They set up the right level of service based on their scanning needs, and our experienced team of agents and engineers provide them 100% U.5.-based support when they need it. Learn more about our service programs.

Recommended Product

A desktop scanner with a small footprint, the fi Series workgroup scanners fit neatly on desks, central scanning tables, and side tables, and were used by multiple scan operators to get the initial job done. Because of their fast-scanning speeds, the fleet digitized three rooms of historic paperwork in three months.

Amarillo ISO was able to get their massive backlog of paper documents digitized and on line to comply with Texas mandates, and also greatly sped up employees' ability to search for and pull documents upon request. Five years later, the scanners are as essential to Amarillo ISO as the desks they sit on. They help keep the whole district on track, up-to-date, and legally compliant.


Product Features

  • Produces the best image quality, improving OCR performance and creating small digital files
  • Superior paper feeding technology that prevents paper jams, missed data, and damaged paper
  • Most reliable performance for day-in-day-out scanning projects
  • Compact design fits just about anywhere—on desks, countertops, and inside small offices
  • Fast scan speeds, reaching 70 pages per minute/140 images per minute allows scanning more documents in less time and handles as many as 10,000 sheets a day
  • The feeder holds up to 100 sheets at a time, reducing batch preparation time

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