Intelligent Scanning For Accelerated Digitization


Intelligent Scanning For Accelerated Digitization

Every day, government employees struggle with high volumes of registration forms, applications, certifications, and other official documentation. Ricoh’s industry-leading document scanning solutions protect this data by automating processes that were once manual, reducing administrative errors and lag times in government offices.

Providing the most efficient way to digitize, organize, and save information is what Ricoh document scanners are built for. With our document scanners in place, requests get processed quickly and accurately. Wait times in busy facilities are decreased. And case management is expedited—for faster processing at a lower expense.

Start processing more cases per agent

Ricoh document scanners help government institutions improve productivity by scanning automatically and more efficiently.

  • Quickly and easily scan and digitize large volumes of papers quickly—for easy upload to a document management system or cloud repository
  • Use the scanner intuitively—there’s a minimal learning curve and no training needed
  • Scan perfectly the first time with automatic blank page removal, skew correction, and automatic size detection
  • Produce exceptionally clean images—better than the original—so no time is spent on fixing images manually, improving use of information down the line
  • Compress digital file size while eliminating paper storage space requirements
  • Maintain an organized and productive work space

Ricoh small-footprint scanners fit just about anywhere to instantly capture information

No need to batch paper documents or transport them to a centralized location to be sorted and scanned. By using Ricoh scanners at the point of capture, you get information into the system faster, which accelerates the approval workflow. To meet the unique needs of government institutions and agencies, we recommend the following models—whether you're using a scanner in a field office or government facility.


An ultra-compact scanner for batch scanning including ID scanning

  • Fits into tight spaces and eliminates the need for multiple scanning devices with its U-turn feeder and removed paper exit tray
  • Two ways to feed paper:
    • ADF tray holds 20 sheets at a time, perfect for batch scanning
    • Reverse path–flawlessly scans hard cards, IDs, and passports
  • Active Skew Correction—an industry first!—reduces misfeeds and skewed images so the scan operator can be more efficient
  • Includes powerful PaperStream software
    • Radically cleans up images for better OCR performance
    • Recognizes the MRZ data and populates meta data fields
    • Recognizes faces and automatically turns the document right side up no matter how it’s scanned
  • Scans passports faster than competitive scanners and requires no carrier sheet


The next-generation, market-leading workgroup scanner featuring a powerful scanner engine and processing software

  • Get more done in a day with fast scan speeds and reliable feeding
    • Scans 70 double-sided pages per minute
  • Includes paper-feeding technology that almost eliminates misfeeds and paper jams
    • Intelligent multi-feed detection for labels and sticky notes and won’t stop scanning
    • Uses ultra sound and sensors to detect misfeeds
  • Scans various-sized documents, up to 240” long, and thick documents such as IDs and passports
  • Industry-recognized PaperStream software improves scanned images and OCR performance
  • Stable feeding and high-quality materials keep scan projects moving and on track

PaperStream Capture Software

Powerful imaging software for accurate OCR

  • PaperStream IP TWAIN driver provides advanced image processing; document images turn out better than the original
  • Predefined profiles make it easy to start scanning—no complex configuration required
  • Meta data can be tagged for automatic naming of files and folders; for example, patient name, birth date, or medical ID number