ScanSnap for Invoice

ScanSnapĀ® for Invoice

ScanSnap for Invoice, powered by Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer, combines ScanSnap's one-touch simplicity with QuickBooks® Online's invoice management platform to provide a simple workflow for accounting practices in an affordable subscription service.*

*Scanner and QuickBooks Online subscription not included

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A simplified invoice processing solution
for anyone


Easy Implementation

Easy to setup and begin scanning

Simple to Use

Seamless invoicing workflow


Flexible pay by month subscription

Form Recognition

Powered by Microsoft Azure1 Form Recognizer

QuickBooks Online

Easily scan invoice data into QuickBooks2Ā 

Reduce Costs

Simplifies bookkeeping processes

ScanSnap for Invoice streamlines time consuming bookkeeping tasks on Microsoft Windows.  The solution performs optical character recognition on invoices, extracts the important information, including line item details, and places them into corresponding QuickBooks Online fields.  This automation of data entry saves time, money and reduces errors.  Accelerate accounting workflows and make business processes more efficient with this affordable subscription service.  And as a result of this simple solution, businesses can track, organize, and manage invoices easier and faster than ever before.  



Saves time and reduces human input

Invoice Data

Automatically capture data from invoices, such as total, vendor name, date, even line item details

Reduces Storage Space

Creates small digital files

Digital Invoices

Processes digital invoices in PDF or JPG format

Verify and Validate

Confirm data is accurate



  • Supported ScanSnap Models

    • iX1300
    • iX1400
    • iX1500
    • iX1600
    • S1300i
    • iX100
  • Browser

    • Google Chrome®
    • Microsoft Edge®
  • Operating system

    • Windows® 10
  • Disk Capacity

    • 20GB or more *Enough disk capacity is necessary for the saved file when scanning

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